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    Heart valves and inflammation it appears according to this that inflammation is a contributor to heart valve decline. It would also likely be an issue for tissue valves as these are susceptible to chronic...
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    On and off pain in left arm since the onset of winters

    I am 11 months post surgery. The shoulder pain was intense on and of for many months. It has gradually gotten better. At this point it is almost entirely gone. I did do a lot of exercising the shoulders. I was amazed at how weak I was after surger. I do light weight lifting with a lot of reps...
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    Hard data on life expectancy after an Aortic Valve Replacement in 60 year old

    Perfect Agian, Lies, damn lies and statistics! MARK Twain importantly many people with valve disease have poor ifestyle-not all people but enough to skew results towards the negative. Also poor outcomes at some hospitals. So pick the right hospitals where they are top notch.
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    Mechanical heart valve often the safest choice The JAMA study shows NO difference in survival between mechanical and bioprosthetic valves in patients 50-69 years old.
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    It’s time to start thinking about Prosthetic or Biological Aortic Valve As current guidelines suggest, the choice of valve prosthesis should be based on discussion between the clinician and the patient. However, the strong differences in patterns of use of one prosthetic choice over another in different clinics...
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    I had mild AVS for decades and occasional lightheadedness upon standing. I always figured it was a combination of relatively LBP and avs. My pressure runs around 105-110. My doc concurred
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    A week after surgery, my story

    Hi Heather, thank you for the posts about your surgery and God Bless you I pray for your speedy tecovery.
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    Is it true that once they go in, things are never the same after?

    Hi dont listen to the negatives. The only thing you have fear itself! I tell everyone that the worst part of heart surgery were my thoghts about it. The surgery and the aftermath were not so bad. A little, tiredness, but just do all you are told to do and you will be yourself again in no time...
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    4 Days to decide between bio and mechanical aortic valve I found this article helpful when I recently had to make a decision. Anecdotal evidence can be emotion based. We like to hear good things and avoid bad things so when someone says how well they are doing with such and such it draws us in...
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    Newbie Looking for Advice

    Anecdotal evidence is close to worthless. I say close not totally.
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    Is your blood pressue low?
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    Newbie Looking for Advice the above is an analysis comparing mechanical and tissue valves by the American College of Cardiology
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    Newbie Looking for Advice

    I am 64 and decided to choos a tissue valve. It was an easier choice due to my age.
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    I have mild aortic stenosis since I was born

    I had rheumatic fever at three that left my aortic valve damaged. At your age mine was still considered mild. Att he age of 48 it was diagnosed as moderate. For 18 years it stayed moderate and then it became severe. I had symptoms, mild at first, and then it went downhill fast. I had surgery in...
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    4 Days to decide between bio and mechanical aortic valve

    Pellicle, it bugs me that we have to even discuss these things. I feel for those folks who are put in the position of making a tough choice on valve selection. I was there just a few months ago. I would rather it was a slam dunk. But like many others my surgeon threw it in my lap. I really...
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    4 Days to decide between bio and mechanical aortic valve

    Hey the article says what it says. Their conclusions are what they are. Take 'em or leave 'em. I am certainly NOT trying to convince anyone one way or the other. Read it and draw your own conclusions. IAC, my purpose was simply to help out with the original question which any readers in the...
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    Cardiac MRI report question

    Planimetry is dicey because the technician literally has to draw the measurements and use images to determine if the valve is fully open. This is not the most dependable method by any means.
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    OUT OF BREATH AFTER 1 min Jogging after AVR

    I am almost 5 months post surgery and what I notice more than anything is that I need a lot more time to warm up. Like 10-12 minutes before I can push hard. I used to need only 2-3 minutes. Also it is pretty common for A Fib after surgery. I read somewhere its like 40% so its very common.
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    4 Days to decide between bio and mechanical aortic valve

    In response to Pellicle's inquiry the following is an excerpt from the study cited and Which swayed me to choose a tissue valve at 63. It should be noted the advantage swings over to the mechanical valve after 10 years. It is also notable what they conclude wrt careful monitoring. "In contrast...