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  1. pellicle

    addition to the formatting options

    Hi @Angie while you may have someone looking into things, could I ask for an addition to the current formatting options? I'd love to see indent: So stuff like this which may not be a quote from the person I'm replying to, but may be a quote from a URL can be clearly identified as distinct...
  2. pellicle

    Location seems to have dropped off

    Hi when posting via the PC browser I used to see my location (for instance my Country). I no longer see that. Given the international penetration of this forum I think its important to show that (or have the choice to) as quite a many are from the USA and I have found that its often the case...
  3. pellicle

    Those post surgical nightmares

    I thought this was interesting it is of course just a news article, but you may wish to follow up with further reading (its interesting because I was operated on at this hospital and I...
  4. pellicle

    migration issue

    Hi I noticed an external link in a thread that just popped up I'd edit it but I cant (and well it is old anyway, so best not be giving permanent edit access to posts). Can this be fixed or should I just do a...
  5. pellicle

    while not about the muscle, but about "Heart"

    To anyone who is feeling afraid or lost with the news of your heart problem watch this review and consider that you have before you the opportunity for successful surgery. Open Heart Surgery is about the most successful medical intervention in the repertoire Consider this an opportunity to...
  6. pellicle

    change request: background to selected text

    Hi when selecting text (highlight, say by mouse or shift arrow) for either copy and paste or applying a style to its hard to see the selection because of colours. This would be more difficult for anyone who was even slightly vision impaired. Eg At first I thought selection wasn't working...
  7. pellicle

    shoot with the sun over your shoulder

    ... is what I was always told was a golden rule of photography, so I applied it to sunsets
  8. pellicle

    Gum dissease

    This came into my in box this morning (subscription) So as well as endo risks, it looks bad for Alzheimers
  9. pellicle

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Folks Glad to see some familiar people still dropping in. To one and all from "Down Under": (and while I recognise that there are many countries south of the Equator for some reason we seem to get called that more than my Kiwi mates) Best Wishes
  10. pellicle

    an allegory for life

    Hi we are the yellow marble: and get the boost and directions we need from the other marbles .. its a team effort
  11. pellicle

    Hyvää Pääsiästä

    Being about as far from a religious person as possible let me wish you all a Happy Easter and I hope you enjoy the chocolate eggs in moderation a cunning trap has seen me score my share...
  12. pellicle

    two current views on TAVR in the literature

    for those not afraid of the research and reading rabbit hole I present the folowing: The "nay" case: The "yeah" case: just be careful that you understand the terms properly and read...
  13. pellicle

    a 2010 presentation by a surgeon to surgeons on AC and Mechanical valves

    Hi well this presentation is hard to get these days, and probably a bit long for the short attention span of modern folk. However this is a segment of it which pertains to Anti Coagulation therapy and the significance of time in range. Its interesting to see what has changed, what hasn't and...
  14. pellicle

    Drugs and Flying

    This topic comes up from time to time and this morning I happened across a related article in a magazine I subscribe to. So to summarize; the drugs which cause problems are predominately related to causing clots from...
  15. pellicle

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year (or whatever your flavour is)

    To one and all May your New Year be kind to you and prosperous (your choice of values)
  16. pellicle

    INR and the major influences

    firstly, I'm sorry that this post has a bunch of acronyms in it, I'll try to inline clarify them. We'd all love things to be simple ... however often they're not (hello Tax time forms). Despite knowing things are complex we always seek simplifications to make explaining things easier. These...
  17. pellicle

    perioperative INR management

    Hi discussed in my latest blog post: Best Wishes
  18. pellicle

    Booking my Colonoscopy ... my trip

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I thought I'd report on the colonoscopy needs outlined by my PET scan. I rang up a place today (after having got a referral from my GP) and went to book myself in. All went well, appointment made for a few weeks, until she asked me "I...
  19. pellicle

    Following up on the 2012 issue

    Its been a long road, which may be coming to some sort of conclusion soon That conclusion could easily be "lifelong oral antibiotics" or "freedom" Will post the results here rather than "that thread" to spare the delicate from pictures of...
  20. pellicle

    javascript not working properly and posts being tagged as unapproved

    when simply referencing external sources such as the diabetes org