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    Seeking advice re changes in my heart and energy

    My energy level has been dropping these last two years more than before. I related this to the “unspecific A-Flutter“ in March 2019, the fall over 18-steep wooden steps end December 2019, A-Fib In March 2020 which required cardio version, some tension, etc.! I’m able to run some errands, do...
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    Testing INR with non-matching chip code using Coagucheck XS

    I have 48 test strips (chip code 403) but do not have the matching chip code. It was inside my machine which I returned to Roche when it broke. (Roche could not return the chip to me). Yesterday I used last strip with 418 chip code. INR was 2.7. After that, I kept the 418 chip inside the...
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    Everything about Warfarin, vit. K, drug interactions, etc.

    https://health.ucsd.edu/specialties/anticoagulation/patients/Documents/patient-education.doc https://health.ucsd.edu/specialties/anticoagulation/providers/warfarin/Pages/DrugInteractions.aspx
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    Coagucheck XS Test Strips Chip Code

    Greetings hoping you all are safe and healthy always. Any ideas where I can find/buy a CHIP CODE 403 from. I could not find any help on internet. I’m trying Roche, to whom I returned my broken machine to and may hv kept the chip inside it 2 months ago, but no answer yet. If by any chance...
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    What do you think about my GP’s recommendation re Warfarin dosage! Please advise. Thanks.

    While waiting for a replacement for my broken Coagucheck machine from Roche, I am testing my INR at my GP’s office: Two weeks ago, I was on 6 mg Warfarin when I tested. INR Result was 4.2. (Using latest Coagucheck machine) Doctor recommended I take 5 mg instead of 6 mg. Today, INR was 2...
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    A new leak!

    In September 2008 I had my Aortic and Mitral valves replaced with St. Jude mechanical valves. In June 2017, my cardio was happy with the echo results! In April 2018, my echo revealed a mild Tricuspid leak! Since my surgery the leak had been trivial! My GP told me (maybe to put my mind at...
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    If you live in Kentucky, beware of Saint John London’s hospital.

    Just watched a new series on TV called “Whistleblower” which exposed several cardiologists at that hospital doing expensive unnecessary procedure to over 150 patients! If if you’re interested, it’s on KCBS 002 channel, Aired 8/3/18 and maybe repeated another day. Im surprised that these...
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    Website not safe!

    every time I log in, I receive a warning message in red: “this website is not safe”!! It never happened before. Anyone else getting same message? Thanks.
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    Flowerless oatmeal Banana Pancake with peanut Butter.

    Pancake Flourless peanut butter Flourless oatmeal Banana Pancake with peanut Butter. Recipe from 'Tasty' on Facebook. I tried it and loved it! I didn't add the chocolate as hubby is diabetic. INGREDIENTS 2 ripe bananas...1.5 big ones 3 eggs....3 2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter...4 or 1/4...
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    Warfarin and supplements

    I came across this article when I started taking vitamin 'E'. My INR went up to 5.? Range! Just wanted to let you know how this affected me though the article says that it's safe to take! if you're like me, watch out. If you take it and your INR is not affected, I like to read your views...
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    Diamond plated mechanical heart valves...latest with less or no anti-coagulant

    Hello, I apologize I have not been here in a long time, yet the moment I heard about this I came to share the info. My girlfriend's mother (73 years) who lives in Hungary had her valve replaced with a 'diamond plated mechanical valve'. I never heard of this before. I was curious. So, I...
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    Severe tension/pressure headache PLUS Fever Since July 3rd morning.

    Greetings and happy 4th everyone. I'm on my way home after being in Sacramento since 3rd. We had a grandnephew baptism and I hoped this would go away. The pressure/pain is much less than before, yet it is still there. Temperature fluctuates between 98.9 (only once. May after I took 3...
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    Cement in my gum from latest root canal! Great!!

    Yes! Cement! I made my oral surgeon repeat it twice as I could not believe my ears. Last Sunday evening, ten days after the tooth had the permanent filling and two days after finishing the antibiotics, I felt pain in my upper jaw above three teeth next to the tooth which my endodontist...
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    Advice needed re Root canal failure and need for Oral surgeon

    When my root canal that was done about 20 years ago failed in October 2013, I had an Apicoectomy or Root Repair Surgery where an incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the roots and the surrounding infected tissue. The damaged root tip and infected tissue are removed. A root-tip filling...
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    Technical light issues

    1- even after I read my messages, the notification remains up there. 2- I post a reply to a thread and it doesn't show that I responded under reviews. I go to the post again to repost, Thinking it didn't work, I find it there! 3- very slow in general. Good luck in fixing all technical...
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    Looking for cardiologist in my new living area_SF Peninsula

    We moved to Foster City end of February. Neighbor recommends Sequioa heart center (10 miles away/17 mins drive), hubby recommends Stanford (20 miles away/27 mins drive). Who do you recommend if you live around?! I need a good cardio with well trained echo technicians. Many thanks.
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    Four years ago,

    I was happy to realize I was given another chance to enjoy my family again who were surrounding me with their non- stop smiles in my ICU room. I give credit to them for how they calmly managed to survive their fears and tension while I was temporarily separated from them without definite...
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    If you missed the "Super moon" tonight, do not miss the Solar Eclipse on May 20th

    If you missed the "Super moon" tonight, do not miss the Solar Eclipse on May 20th "Do not miss the Perigee moon! "If a moonbeam wakes you up on the night of May 5th, 2012, you might want to get out of bed and take a look.* This May’s full Moon is a "super Moon,” as much as 14% bigger and 30%...
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    Any ideas what elevates the width of the red blood cells volume??!!

    Two months ago, my CBC labwork showed the width of my red blood cells volume were at the highest normal range. My Sedimentation rate was 36 while it should be 25. I checked the internet and the causes could be: anemia, cancer, B-12 deficiency, iron deficiency, lupus, etc. My GP repeated the...
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    Finding an old recipe -- *easy rolls*?!! by Ann

    Greetings, I have been away for a while and it seems I have forgotten how to search!! I know I tried a long time ago a recipe for making Rolls, but I cannot find it anymore. How can I search for things older than a year ago?! If anyone can find it or has the recipe, please re-post. I...