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  1. Hank

    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    My VR.org Family, As of today, April 8th 2019, I am no longer the owner or operator of ValveReplacement.org or .com. The site has been acquired by another organization who runs multiple online forums such as this one. For the past 20 years, many of you have contributed in such away that you...
  2. Hank

    Donations Requested

    Hello VR.org Friends, We have a $90.00 hosting bill due in two days, and at the first of each month for the cost of having this site on the interwebs. I will no longer be able to personally afford to make these payments. If you can assist by making a donation (info in the "DONATE" link at the...
  3. Hank

    Considering the end of VR.org - Looking for your thoughts

    The ValveReplacement.org forum has been alive for almost 20 years. The things that has kept us alive for so long have been Personal sacrifice of my wife and I, donations from many current and past members and mostly, a site sponsor. Well we no longer have a site sponsor, and my wife and I have...
  4. Hank

    How is the aforementioned Woking for everyone?

    This is just A test ti to eye how much things work around here
  5. Hank


    Any know anyhing about CryoLife? They just acquired OnX and I have not yet had the time to speak with them
  6. Hank

    Forum Back online after 1.5 day interruption.

    Forum back online.. Oh the fun and joy of forum maintenance.
  7. Hank

    Research Survey Opportunity in the San Francisco area

    Hello VR.org members. I was contacted by a research firm who has an upcoming opportunity for Heart Valve Replacement patients and/or caregivers to be asked some questions and to provide feedback. I gave them a once over and told them I would post their request for them. I hope someone is able...
  8. Hank


    I just pent a few hours making some smiles work. Here goes :Confused: Yes, they are humongus.. Need to get some smaller ones. But at least I am learning how to make them work. :Smile:
  9. Hank

    Upgraded from 5.1.2 to 5.1.3

    It seems to me that this latest upgrade version (which I installed at 6pm PST on 9/19/2014 seems to be working a bit better. Your opinions?
  10. Hank

    Testing new topic

    This is a test of the ability to create a new topic
  11. Hank

    Test Topic in this channel

    We want tell you all how much we appreciate your participation in this awesome place.
  12. Hank

    Forum Upgrade Poll

    [No message]
  13. Hank

    Test Post after Outage

    Forum is back online again after an 18 Hour Outage..
  14. Hank

    Test Post

    Testing proper functionality after our outage today.
  15. Hank

    Facebook Connect

    The Facebook Connect Feature is now enabled.. I don't know fully how it works as of yet. But it at least links to your facebook account now when the button at the top of the site is pressed..
  16. Hank

    New Logo

    What do y'all think of our new logo?
  17. Hank

    Official 2010 ValveReplacement.org Reunion - Golden Colorado

    The official 2010 ValveRepalcement.org has been cancelled. We have instead decided to spend the time and resources on determining and implementing new direction for this forum. Official reunion activities are expected to continue in the future. Thank you to those who participated in the Poll.
  18. Hank

    11 Years Post Aortic Valve Replacement Today!!

    Today is another anniversary day for me. It has been 11 years since I became part mechanical. 11 years on coumadin without one single adverse effect. 11 years without any complications of any sort. 11 years of never once regretting the choice to have a mechanical aortic valve installed in...
  19. Hank

    First to Post

    I am hoping to be the first to post on the new VR.org! I am sure I will be hearing many questions and comments. Bring them on! Thank you all for coming!
  20. Hank

    Patient Education - Informed Consent

    Hello Members, I hesitated to post this link, as it is an emotional topic. After much thought - I came to the conclusion that while this may be difficult for some; it conveys the importance of being aware of the decisions before us, and obtaining all information possible. I find it...