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    Hurricane Dorian?

    I hope that all of you that may be in the path of Dorian have extra supplies and meds so you'll be ready should you have to stay home without power for a few days. Please check in and let us know you'll be all set for it.
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    Censored words from old site....?????

    Hey everyone, I hear that some words are being used now that were not acceptable before. There may have been censored words in the filter that did not come over in the change. If some of you that know some would send me what you know in a private message/conversation, I'd sure appreciate...
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    VR.org updating the look.

    Just wanting to let you know a new look will show up sometime today. The controls will be the same. There will be advertising and you can go to your member name to open your User Control Panel to disable seeing the ads WHEN YOU ARE LOGGED IN. These ads will help us keep VR.org going so all...
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    Tips and Questions for the new Xenforo software

    1. To post a thread. Find the forum you wish to post into. At the top there is a box where you can put your title. Click on that. Once you click on that the larger message area opens for you. Fill it in and then look down below for the POST THREAD button. That will create a...
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    The Future of ValveReplacement.org

    Hello everyone. As you can see, my name is Angie and I'll be the site admin so I can help you keep VR.org going in the manner of Hank and the rest of you. I wanted to say HI as I know how it is to find your home on the internet changed and no one saying anything, it's disturbing. I've been...