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  1. pellicle

    a small surgical procedure (and ACT management)

    I'm going in for a small surgery to knock some arthritis off my toe joint, so in line with my previous procedure approach I'm going to manage my own INR around the surgery. The surgeon seems very comfortable with my process and indeed has suggested that I don't really need to go off warfarin for...
  2. pellicle

    I love licorice too, but

    Death due to black licorice Doctors reported on Wednesday that a Massachusetts man died after overeating bags of licorice for weeks. Eating too much licorice has thrown the man's nutrients out of whack, which caused his death. Even a small amount of black licorice can increase the blood...
  3. pellicle

    Warfarin advantage

    I keep saying, that as one ages, there are more and more reasons to pick to be on warfarin new research COVID-19
  4. pellicle

    Masks guidance

  5. pellicle

    COVID distraction

    Morning Sunday morning then arvo sure stopped me worrying about dying ;-)
  6. pellicle

    Naming Coincidence?

    Makes you wonder Prayer for St. Jude’s Intercession Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally as the patron of hope. Please intercede on my behalf. Make use of that particular privilege given to you to bring hope, comfort...
  7. pellicle

    Antibiotic resistance

    Seems to be unrelated to denying valve patients prophylaxis cover for dental procedures of this is any indication https://cosmosmagazine.com/chemistry/antibiotic-resistance-gene-discovered-in-the-desert
  8. pellicle

    Probably modern diet is better than our ancestors

    as long as you avoid the obviously bad stuff The real ‘paleo diet’ may have been full of toxic metals interesting take
  9. pellicle

    This NY woman seems to make a lot of sense

    worth a look
  10. pellicle

    tangential but interesting

    Hi I'm sure that no tPA was available... https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc1905875 Approximately 2 months into an International Space Station mission, obstructive left internal jugular venous thrombosis was suspected in an astronaut during an ultrasound examination that was performed...
  11. pellicle

    Rules of ACT

    (*think Fight Club) 1) we do talk about Fight Club (oops, Anti Coagulation Therapy) {started in response to this post by @LoveMyBraveHeart , see that for rules}
  12. pellicle

    the fact that its 40C means ...

    ... that its fast approaching Christmas and so time for my annual Christmas Greeting to all I picked the only thing green round these parts at the moment ... So to all my valver brothers and sisters (well and Uncles and Aunts) I hope you have a merry festive season and remember ... don't...
  13. pellicle

    Dental hygiene benefits

    Not just endocarditis https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2047487319886018 Improved oral hygiene care is associated with decreased risk of occurrence for atrial fibrillation and heart failure: A nationwide population-based cohort study
  14. pellicle

    what does an over 55 warfarin heart valve patient do on a sunday morning?

    ... why, ride his personal mobility pensioner scooter around town (and into a gully) of course last weekend I went to a park (sort of Peter Pan racing his shadow in places)
  15. pellicle


    Interesting https://www.fairwarning.org/2019/11/whats-in-a-name-ghost-writing-in-medical-literature/ ...The paper was about the risks of warfarin, a generic anti-clotting drug, for people also taking herbal supplements. AstraZeneca was developing a rival drug that would supposedly be safer...
  16. pellicle

    "Water Blasting" the brain

    I read this: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/sleep-may-trigger-rhythmic-power-washing-brain Every 20 seconds, a wave of fresh cerebrospinal fluid rolls into the sleeping brain. These slow, rhythmic blasts, described for the first time in the Nov. 1 Science, may help explain why sleep is so...
  17. pellicle

    AntiCoagulation and its role in Ahlzimers

    I found this interesting http://www.onlinejacc.org/content/74/15/1924 The first page is available for all but interestingly it supports that being on anticoagulants of some type (Aspirin is also known to have benefits in this area and Warfarin would act in a similar way to Dabigatran). So...
  18. pellicle

    enjoying my elder "mobility device"

    nice that we managed to sneak them under this radar of course it can go faster if I'm not facing off cliffs grow old (dis) gracefully
  19. pellicle

    Australian (joint) development

    Hi I'm not sure if this is the same one that's been mentioned here before but I thought this was interesting https://www.manmonthly.com.au/news/australian-research-develops-first-polymer-heart-valve/ A polymer heart valve, designed in Australia, has been successful implanted in a patient, for a...
  20. pellicle

    gut flora in hospitals

    Spotted this today: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2218280-just-three-days-in-hospital-can-change-the-bacteria-in-your-gut/ now I always advocate bringing in some KimChi with you to hospital when going in for surgery because after that surgery your bowel movement is often hard to get...