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  1. honeybunny


    I just read two articles in two minutes about COVID19 patients near death on ventilators being successfully treated with EMCO heart-lung machines (one article called EMCO a procedure, the other called it a machine). Is this what was used for our OHS? (Sorry I can’t post links to the articles on...
  2. honeybunny

    Marijuana and heart medications

    This article discusses the interactions between marijuana and heart medications, including warfarin. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/heart-health/marijuana-risky-people-taking-common-heart-medications-n1118181
  3. honeybunny

    Popcorn kernal

  4. honeybunny

    News video on TAVR

    Just an FYI on a much discussed TAVR. https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/breakthrough-heart-surgery-gets-fda-approval-66435653918
  5. honeybunny

    Medical science developing a heart patch

    Not valve related but still pretty incredible. Scientists are creating heart patches from a patient's heart cells that can replaced scarred areas of a person's heart in lieu of a heart transplant. Long way to go before human trials but it just amazes me what modern medicine can do. My OHS was --...
  6. honeybunny

    Harriet made it to the other side

    I just got an email update from Harriet herself. I heard from her son yesterday and asked if I could post the news that she made it through surgery and would be sleeping for another six hours. She replied to my email as follows: Michelle yes you may it's me actually Harriet .. not much of...
  7. honeybunny

    Thoracentesis for pleural effusion

    I'm scheduled for thoracentesis to drain pleural fluid. I have a good idea about what to expect, but if anyone has undergone this procedure I'd appreciate if you'd share your story. I am at 4 weeks post op and the fluid buildup has gotten progressively worse. My cardio expects me to lose 2-3 lbs...
  8. honeybunny


    Short post to let you know I made it through fine. They are working on my low potassium levels. Murmur gone :) Home maybe Wednesday. Thanks for prayers and well wishes. I felt the love and am sending it back. Will post when home. Hugs, Michele
  9. honeybunny

    Rapid Deployment Edwards Intuity Valve System

    I've agreed to participate in the clinical trial H-33047 Multi-Center Experience with the Rapid Deployment Edwards Intuity Valve System for AVR (Transform Trial). I was approached by a research coordinator following my heat cath yesterday (prep for my 9/30/15 AVR surgery) and readily agreed...
  10. honeybunny

    Driving question

    I drive a small pickup truck and - at 5 feet even - have to lift myself into the drivers seat using the strap. I have running boards but even so I use a lot of arm muscle to get in. I really like my vechicle and don't need another bill to pay, but wonder if I should trade it in for something...
  11. honeybunny

    Home Alone - How much help did you have/need?

    I told my surgeon's nurse that my daughter would take a week's vacation to be with me 24/7 post surgery. She lives with me but travels about 3 days a week as a flight attendant. The nurse said I would need help for longer than a week. That may be difficult to arrange. How much, and what kind...
  12. honeybunny

    Got my date: 9/30/15

    Using LawDog's icon in the heading :) Yea! Just got the date for my AVR - September 30th - 10 days after my 61st birthday. Pretty cool bday present, don't you think? I saw the surgeon this past Monday and really liked him. So did my two older children and my son's girlfriend, who is a nurse...
  13. honeybunny

    Thanks to all the oldtimers

    I found this forum about 3 weeks ago and it has been a wonderful resource of information, tips, and encouragement. I want to thank all of you who have been through surgery and continue to share your experience and feedback on these threads. I'm not as anxious as I was when I first joined thanks...