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  1. Kathy McCain

    Echo report

    Hi folks, I'll be celebrating my four years in Feb with my Medtronic Mosaic porcine valve. Had my echo yesterday. My cardio said, "your echo looks great!" I told him I still have a wire problem ocasionally, and chest pain once in a while. He responded by saying "there is nothing wrong with...
  2. Kathy McCain

    PPSV Vavcine side effects

    Hello again! I apparently have had a more severe reaction to the PPSV Vacine. I had the injection last Mon in the arm. My arm swelled and developed a hard lump, with redness. Also headache,upset stomach, and general flu like symptoms (minis the fever). Also prickly sensations in my arms...
  3. Kathy McCain

    Help, possible strep throat!

    Hi again, Well, I am being treated for strep throat. I started Monday. It has not yet been confirmed, ( will not know results for a wk) so I am taking generic Augmentin twice per day. If in fact this is strep, I'll be darned as to how I got it!! I have had a couple of sinus infections...
  4. Kathy McCain


    Hi everyone! Hope all has been well! Has anyone here had an upper endoscopy recently? If so, did you take an antibiotic at anytime before during or after your procedure? Did you experience any problems? I had this procedure six days ago. Even though the American Heart Assoc has stated it...
  5. Kathy McCain

    Post gallbladder problems

    Hi all, I was not certain just where to post this, or if I should. My problem is not valve related. I was having some issues with discomfort in the upper ribs. It started on the right side under the rib (for you ladies where the bra goes over the rib area). Also the right side of the chest...
  6. Kathy McCain

    Pulmonary Hypertension update

    Hi All, Just thought I'd let you know I consulted with my cardio today, regarding the last echo. Regarding the "mild pulmonary hypertension", he said "it's a non-issue, not to worry, and please forget about it." "My echo was great, and the numbers are within normal range". He certainly...
  7. Kathy McCain

    Pulmonary Hypertension after AVR

    My AVR was done Feb 2008. My last echo was done last week, and is a good report. However, this is the first time (under summary on report) it shows mild pulmonary hypertension. I also have another thread on this forum (echocardiogram report) that explains. My question is this: Has anyone...
  8. Kathy McCain

    Echocardiogram Report

    Well, I had my echo done last Thursday. The nurse called me on Friday, and said the Echo looked good. Didn't day anything else. I always request a copy of my reports. I went to the cardios office today for my copy. Everything on the report is basically the same EXCEPT for the last part...
  9. Kathy McCain

    Just thought I'd check in. Echo looks good!

    Well I just got my latest echo results. The nurse called back to say, it looks real good! I had another pericarditis flare-up, so I guess thats why my cardio ordered it a little early. I have a Metronic Mosaic Porcine Valve. My AVR was done Feb 11th, 2008. I am assuming there is no...
  10. Kathy McCain

    Can you feel PVCs in your throat?

    I noticed now that I have been off the metoprolol I seem to be getting more PVCs. They are extremely annoying. I can even feel it in my throat, or neck. Has anyone else eperienced this? It's like a little jumping sensation. Thanks in advance
  11. Kathy McCain

    Has anyone read any good books lately??

    I am starting to do alot more reading lately. I used to read quiet a bit, but I seem to get sidetracked the past couple of years. My current read, which I have almost completed, is an old one called "Angela's Ashes", by Frank McCourt. I really have no idea what took me so long to read this...
  12. Kathy McCain

    Arrival of Donovan James McCain!

    Hi all, I am officially a Grandma! Donovan James McCain born at 2:30 AM, Sep 4th 2010 Weight: 8 lbs 1 oz Length: 20 1/2" The proud parents are Jeremy (my son) and Jessica McCain. Another little redhead in the family! Mommy and baby are doing great as you can see!
  13. Kathy McCain

    Discontinuing Metoprolol Update

    Hi All, I am completely off the medicine now. The first wk I took the 12 1/2 mg every other day. The second wk every third day. I could feel my pulse in the neck, and back of head. Also after walking, in the pit of my stomach. This continued until last wk. I can say now that I am not...
  14. Kathy McCain

    Discontinuing Metoprolol

    Hi folks, Well I have been on Metoprolol 12 1/2mg, since my AVR of Feb 2008. I have always had low blood pressure. The Dr kept me on the low dose to lower my heart rate after surgery. I stopped taking this med for 3 days last week, and did not notice much of a difference. Still had a...
  15. Kathy McCain

    This is really off the wall but....

    Has anyone here on the forum ever watched the British TV show SHAUN THE SHEEP? My daughter gave me a DVD for Christmas. (she knows I love sheep) I thought it was HILARIOUS!!! I really needed a good laugh today too! It's pretty goof-ball, but I just loved it. It's really a childrens show...
  16. Kathy McCain

    Anyone had experience with gallbladder surgery?

    Well, it looks as though I may have a gallbladder surgery coming up.(yuck!) Seems I have all the symptoms. When I went in almost two years ago for my AVR they did an ultrasound of my liver, and discovered I had gallstones! Well I put it out of my mind of course. I've been getting symptoms on...
  17. Kathy McCain

    News Flash! Gonna be a Grandma!

    Hi All, I just couldn't contain myself much longer! My oldest son Jeremy called me the other day with the great news! Looks like the baby is due in August! WHOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Kathy McCain

    Prayer request

    Hi Folks, Hope I have the right thread! I sure would appreciate prayers, for a relative of my husbands, that lives in Virginia. He has been waiting for a couple of years now for a liver donation. He is currently, still waiting! He's a great person, great sense of humor (reminds me of...
  19. Kathy McCain

    Boniva and Porcine Valve

    I have a porcine valve which was implanted Feb 2008. My bone density test last year indicated that I have osteoporosis in the lower back and osteopina in my neck and femur. I also take 5mg prednisone for recurrrent pericarditis. I started the prednisone appox one month after surgery, starting...
  20. Kathy McCain

    Snowing On The Coast!!

    Hi ya'all, Well it's snowing right now on the COAST OF TEXAS!!!!! We had snow several years ago, on Christmas Eve too! It stayed on the ground for two or three days! We made a Snowman! How's the weather were you are??