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  1. hensylee

    who's online

    Anybody ever check who is online? I just did. Found 3 members and 80+ guests. Guests, we'd love to see you as members, too. The site is very friendly a n d supportive. Collectvely, we have more info here in VR than you will get anywhere else. And we stay with you from day one right on...
  2. hensylee

    hey yall

    Tried and tried to get into vr and fimally made it today. Thanks for birthdaywishes. i moved to $harpsburg Ga on late 2009, built onto daughter's house so they are on the other side of my apartment always. Working out very well. We have pets plus 4 generations around all the time. Health...
  3. hensylee


    I just received news that Ross went into hospital Fri night, is critical. He has a major bleed, has a blood clot in his stomach the size of a meatloaf. He is getting transfusions constantly, is under sedation. When there is further news, I will tell you what I know. Ross was a long time...
  4. hensylee

    happy birthday, Janie

    Happy birthday to us, Janie. I got really old but I know you are still truckin around havin fun. You go, Girl.
  5. hensylee

    Joy (former member) in Hawaii

    Oldies will remember Joy Paulson, one of our three young'uns of long ago. She moved to Hawaii with her Navy husband and children several years back. While this tsaumi is moving rapidly along towards so many countries, including ours, please let's keep her (and all others) in our thoughts and...
  6. hensylee

    enlarged heart/cardiomyapathy

    Hey, y'all, you haven't seen me for some time; but a VR member never goes very far and I have kept up somewhat. I just went to son's in beautiful Fl to get warmth and lovely skies. The morning after I got there, son's wife insisted they take me to ER. Pneumonia, which I have had for some...
  7. hensylee

    Levaquin, anyone?

    have you ever taken the antibiotic Levaquin. I have been on it for bronchitis flare-up for about 2 weeks. I can barely walk. I have had Lipitor crippling for years, but now with this, it is just so painful and nearly unbearable. I stopped this morning because the flareup is better and I just...
  8. hensylee

    hey, y'all!

    Mornin, Y'all - finally moved into my new digs last week but not altogether. got boxes and boxes still in storage but they are comin soon. At least my furniture is installed. What a joy and pleasure. Son in law did all the building on his weekends off, with some help from his sons, my son...
  9. hensylee

    Miss Sally Sue is gone

    Many of you know of my dear Miss Sally Sue, my ol hound dog. She has been my buddy for a long time (she was 13) and the only pet brought with me when we moved. She developed swelling in the front part of her shoulder and it grew and she has been in really awful pain. She began to limp about a...
  10. hensylee

    hmmm........ whooping cough?

    here's a hummer for you. My daughter started with a very sore throat a couple weeks ago, then a cough and cold/flu-like symptoms with fever. She went to Dr and got antibiotics which didn't help; they said she had bronchitis. She missed nearly a week of work but went back to work this week and...
  11. hensylee

    We have all lost a pet -

    and this morning I received this and would like to share it with you. Maybe it can sort of become a staple in Small Talk to comfort those who lose their pet: http://www.theospark.net/2010/02/video-johnny-carson-jimmy-stewart-beau.html
  12. hensylee

    What to ask the doctor/surgeon

    Don't know how to do a sticky. Do we have a list of possible/probable questions to ask the doctor/surgeon before surgery? or at beginning of treatment with a cardio? We probly ought to have one, you think? to sorta capsulize it. If so, can someone start it as I don't know those questions...
  13. hensylee

    new Ga residents

    Miss SS arrived in Sharpsburg Friday night a 9 pm and was not impressed at all. first, the only car rides she ever had were to the vet and that's what she was expecting. eventually her eyes reduced from plate size to normal and she enjoyed scenery, then it got dark and she enjoyed the lights...
  14. hensylee


    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYBODY! leaving Fl tomorrow headed for Ga
  15. hensylee

    stoppin in

    Just poppin in for a minute to tell you I will be back soon. will be in Sharpsburg Ga next Friday night. it's all happened very fast and that's fine w/me. My dear little sister has been such a great help. I can't do a lot but she is 17 yrs my jr and can do lots of stuff I can't. Miss all...
  16. hensylee

    surgeries, birthdays, newbies

    for all those headed for surgery, I pray for you and wish you GODSPEED! Newbie(s) - welcome to VR Birthdays - have a wonderful day
  17. hensylee

    checkin in

    mornin Everybody. I am sporadically checkin in to say hey. I will never catch up on the posts, but please know that I think of you every day. when settled again, there will be plenty of time to catch up while it's so cold up there and I have to stay inside. the addition to their house is...
  18. hensylee

    just checking in

    Mornin, all. just checking in to say hey. move is 'moving' along. my cousin bought my house and it's readying for closing. He also bought the acreage next to it so that building onto daughter's house could begin and it will begin this coming Friday. Daughter moved to her own home in the...
  19. hensylee

    sold my house

    moving to Sharpsburg, Ga (Atlanta area) soon. got home from there on Friday at 4 p.m. and on Sunday got my house sold! Daughter is moving next Saturday and I will move when all details are done. Going to live in a MIL suite with other Daughter and her family. It's all happening so fast. I...
  20. hensylee

    Five finger prayer

    IF YOU don't know how to pray, here's a guide: 1. Your thumb is nearest you. So begin your prayers by praying for those closest to you. They are the easiest to remember. To pray for our loved ones is, as C. S. Lewis once said, a ' sweet duty. ' 2. The next finger is the pointing finger...