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    I'm on the other side! Thanks!

    Sounds like you did very well! Congratulations.
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    Both sites are good, no reason to abandon either. Join both and take whatever the particular site has to offer at any given time. I learned in college in one of my courses that if you build a restaurant where no other restaurants exist, you may do OK. But if you build a restaurant where several...
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    sudden onset petit mal seizures after surgery??

    His heart rate goes way up while it is happening That is concerning. Have you told his cardiologist about this and the heart rate. Maybe it is an arrhythmia of some sort. I think the cardiologist should be called and he should see Sammy asap. Joe had several TIAs, but his heart rate did not go...
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    Oh Harry, how awful for you. I am so sorry.
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    RobThatsMe - the real thread

    Rob, all the best to you. We'll be waiting to hear how things went. God bless.
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    Trying to learn "my place" in all of this

    I've got news, no matter what age a serious medical problem shows up, it will always be a surprise and a scary disappointment. Medical problems can show up at any age and none of us is prepared to deal with it until it actually happens. So, yes, this is an adjustment phase for both of you. But...
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    Trying to learn "my place" in all of this

    Ambriz, if you can do it and your husband would like you to, I think you should go to his appts. with him. You can just sit there and listen to what the doctor says, you wouldn't have to say anything. It is very educational. It is also very educational to see just how they examine your husband...
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    update - good, bad & the ugly

    It was my experience with my husband's surgeries was that feeling better than before surgery happens after a long time, as much as a year or more. The initial recovery period is 6-8 weeks, but then the longer recovery is quite extended. And it isn't only my husband who had this happen. Many on...
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    Trying to learn "my place" in all of this

    When weighing choices, please do not discount the risk of reops. This has to be carefully thought about. No one can determine what the future holds. If other comorbidities start to crop up and then you have to have a reop, it could be problematical. When you are young, you think that will never...
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    Trying to learn "my place" in all of this

    I would guess that the majority of adults take a medication of some kind for the rest of their lives. Really, Coumadin is not a scary monster. It just has to be regulated properly. Many folks on this site learn how to do their own testing and dosage adjustments. It's like someone who has to take...
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    Trying to learn "my place" in all of this

    maybe you mentioned this somewhere, but do you know the cause of his valve problem?
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    Far-out question

    Anything to cause contact dermatitis, like a medal or a Medic Alert necklace?
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    Trying to learn "my place" in all of this

    Oh, I forgot to add that Joe had two mechanical valves and was on Coumadin for years and years and years. His first surgery was when he was in his 40s. Coumadin for him had fewer side effects than ANY of his other medications.
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    Trying to learn "my place" in all of this

    As the spouse of a much operated on husband, I wholeheartedly agree with many things Lyn said. Don't try to make the decision about valve choice for your husband. It is a very personal choice. What you can do that would be very helpful is to give him whatever information you find about choosing...
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    hello everyone

    I posted for my husband also. He had no interest in computers. Read as much information as you can and get familiar with the lingo of heart valve problems. Every day you read posts is another day that you will learn something useful. Make sure to go to the Reference Sources forum. It doesn't...
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    If you have edema or Congestive Heart Failure, it can cause confusion. My husband had CHF for many, many years. The confusion comes from not having the proper amount of oxygen circulating in the blood because the lungs are impaired with fluid overload. Make sure that you keep your edema under...
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    Heat or Ice?

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    I need to vent

    When they open up your chest, they pin your arms back to give as much view as possible. This position is held for a long while, and that is why there is so much pain in those areas. It probably strains all the muscles and ligaments and joints. But it is necessary. Many members have had the same...
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    Can beta blockers make you stink?

    I don't think it is caused by your beta blocker. But there is a condition that can cause strong smelling sweat. It is a genetic thing and has something to do with the metabolism of certain food products. It can also happen to some people who are taking large doses of L-Carnitine Here is an...
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    Harrybaby Has To Have Major Surgery......

    Oh, no! This is not something I wanted to hear about. You poor guy. It seems like one thing after another. I hope you have an excellent surgeon. You will be in my prayers. Let us know the date of the surgery when you can.