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  1. Squashplayer

    Reconnecting with VR.com friends

    After 4 months of anticipation and fear and with a lot of support from many of you, my surgery on May 2 did finally happen (as my wife, Nancy reported at the time). AVR with a CEPM bovine pericardial, graft of a few inches of my dilated ascending aorta. And everything went extremely well...
  2. Squashplayer

    Pericardial Feedback for New Member

    Hello VR.com gang, I've been reading your postings for a few weeks, and it's been very helpful, even a little inspiring if you want to know the truth, but this is my first posting. Here's my story in a nutshell: 60 years old. Male. Bicuspid AV. Severe stenosis recently diagnosed. Completely...