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    Three years ago it happened.

    Three years since my double bipass and valve replacement. No problems since. Still see my doc every 6 months for checkup. No new medicines. Very grateful!
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    antibiotic ciproflaxcin

    Have any of you taken this medicine and later on developed heart problem as side effect? Or tendon problem? A study done last year showed that .9% of patients had some mitral regurgitation. I don't know what regurgitation feels like, but I had it prior to my surgery almost 3 years ago. I'm...
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    TWO years for me.

    Valve replacement with tissue and double bipass successfully done at MacNeal (Loyola) Hospital, Illinois I always felt very taken care of. Just wish I had someone with me during home recovery.
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    Social and emotional effects of surgery

    In this forum, rarely does anyone mention how their surgery affected their family, relations with friends or whomever. Why? Also, not much is written on positive or negative emotional or psychological reactions from OHS. Is everyone very private? Is this not a good issue? The forum needs more...
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    Visiting your ICU or rehab facility

    Have any of you returned to visit the nurses and medical staff that took care of you at the ICU or rehab in the hospital or elsewhere--maybe to thank them? Or just to talk? Do you ever think about them--if your surgery was recent? My hospital is very close by and I have other appointments there...
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    Sister is very distant, uncaring

    As I said in another message, I am recovering alone and managing all right. However, I am disappointed in my senior age sister because she had not called me in the last nine weeks, or since a week after I left the hospital for a double bipass and valve replacement. I sent her a nice card, still...
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    Drinking--and driving post op

    My doctors told me no alcohol for a while after my valve was replaced with tissue and my double bipass was done almost a month ago. Also no driving for 4-6 weeks. I can live without a drink but no driving is very inconvenient and difficult for me to to do basic errands. I have no one to help me...