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  1. Warrick

    Annuloplasty Device for Bicuspid Aortic Valve Repair

    Just stumbled across this after googling for a laugh “wooden heart valves” from another thread. I realise the site is from 2017 but I can not recall seeing anything ever posted regarding this device so perhaps another option string in someones bow here in the future...
  2. Warrick

    Foldax valve trials

    I have been keeping an eye on the foldax valve over the last several months regarding the start of their human trials, nothing new on their site recently But then I came across this from several days ago and trials have started-...
  3. Warrick

    New members

    Would it be possible for a section for new members to maybe make their first post and introduce themselves and perhaps where they are at medically if they wish ? Or is that too invaisive? I love seeing new members pop up but they are easily missed also. What do others think?
  4. Warrick

    Half mast

    Fly your flags at half mast for the terrible senseless loss of life that has occured today in Christchuch, NZ. Pray for the many who are still fighting for there lives and the great many who have had there lives shattered today.
  5. Warrick

    Antibiotics and AA

    I was reading the latest news letter from the marfan foundation and came across a piece on certain antibiotics called fluoroquinolones causing aneurysm and dissection, although its largely been dismissed by the FDA there is new evidence in rodent trials that is showing that this is indeed the...
  6. Warrick

    APS patients and INR (finger stick) machines

    Well up until 20 minutes ago I'd never heard of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APLA syndrome), it's a blood clotting disorder which requires many to be on warfarin. INRs from POC machines (such as coagucheks) are unreliable in about 1/3rd of patients with the clotting disorder...
  7. Warrick

    2 years today

    Hi friends, well I wasn't going to post my anniversary but then I thought do it once . I certainly think that 2 years for me feels much more significant than last years by a long ways. Most things feel normal as always, I take my warfarin without thinking, the self testing and self management...
  8. Warrick

    Could this cause endocarditis??

    We are trialing a new parts washer at work that has microbes know as Ozzys, from what I can find there are a number of various bugs that can cause endo, I'm thinking if the bugs in the parts wash can survive living on grease and oil then they could survive in your blood stream if they entered...
  9. Warrick

    Could this cause endocarditis??

    hit post twice
  10. Warrick

    Coaguchek supplies in NZ

    Hi , if there is anyone else here from NZ that buys their strips from Roche I just found this https://www.coagulationconversation.com/buy-coaguchek-and-test-strips/ which means you will have to buy your strips from here...
  11. Warrick

    Kiwi Fruit

    A friend was telling me about how his Nan was told to eat 2 kiwi fruit a day instead of being put on aspirin, he reckoned it stopped your blood clotting and lowered the fat in your blood, I told him sounds like horse doo doo to me but it appears he was right, now I'll have to tell him he was...
  12. Warrick

    sternum wires

    Hi, I'm having my sternum wires removed on Friday due to irritation currious to know what I'm in for do they cut down the original incision scar, put in another cut beside it or put in a cut at each wire ? Just read some old posts and looks like they cut down the old scar and it's no...
  13. Warrick

    Celox clotting agent

    http://www.celoxmedical.com/int/resources/faq/ Just found this product for sale on a NZ auction site, looks like it could come in very handy for warfarin users or any first aid kit for that matter, put it in my hunting pack with my PL beacon
  14. Warrick

    How long till your next follow up?

    Hi I had an echo last week that was 12 months since my pre-surgery diagnosis and 10 1/2 months since surgery. I'm told everything looks good and they would see me again in 5 years time, seemed a bit long to me at 39 yrs I don't have any other issues apart from the BAV now being in a jar on...
  15. Warrick

    Head injuries

    Hi, I've been on warfarin plus aspirin now for 3 1/2 months , INR 2-3 for mechanical AVR. I have read about the risks of intracranial bleeding, but not really thought much of it. I was at work (harvester mechanic) today and smacked my head twice on the machine I was working under, the second...
  16. Warrick

    INR up and own

    Hi just a quick question, my INR yesterday went down to 1.8 ,(2-3 range for mech st Jude) told to go from 6 mg to 7 mg daily dose, took 8 mg as a booster dose last night, did a self test this morning on coaguchek and INR has gone to 2.2, do others have it change that quick in 24 hours?? Thanks
  17. Warrick

    BAVD Inherited??

    Hi, I've not long (4th Nov) had surgery to replace my leaking bicuspid aorta with a mechanical valve, I'm 39 years old. I have 2 boys aged 15 and 17 and a daughter aged 11, the cardiologist wants to scan my children as there is a chance BAVD is genetic, has anyone else had children inherit this...