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    Worried about ankle swelling 5 months post surgery

    Hi all, I haven't been here much lately, I've just been trying to get my life back on track. As some of you will remember, I had my second aortic valve and root repair the end of last year, 2018. Except for AFIB after surgery, everything went well. I was on Amiadarone for 3 months and I'm still...
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    4 weeks post-op and have some questions about what I'm experiencing

    I will be 4 weeks post-op from my second aortic valve surgery this Saturday. My surgery was on Dec. 28. I'm wondering if some of the things I am experiencing are pretty common or if I should be worried. Just for peace of mind, I'd like to see one of my doctors again. It's hard sometimes to know...
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    I made it to the other side!

    Hello friends, I'm home and on the mend. I don't want to bore you with repetitive information but just for anyone just getting to know me, I had my second OHS to replace my aortic valve and to make my aorta smaller, Dec. 28, 2018. It has been quite a ride but I'm so happy to be sitting here...
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    Friday is the big Day!

    My surgery is set for this Friday, Dec. 28 first thing in the morning. I'm pretty set to go, just getting some things finished around the house. I am dreading this and more worried than first time around because it is my second heart surgery. I've had a virus for about a week that I can't shake...
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    Friday is the big Day!

    My surgery is set for this Friday, Dec. 28 first thing in the morning. I'm pretty set to go, just getting some things finished around the house. I am dreading this and more worried than first time around because it is my second heart surgery. I've had a virus for about a week that I can't shake...
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    It's Time and I'm Scared and Confused

    Hello all, I had my last pre-surgery test yesterday and then we had a talk with my surgeon. It's left me with a mix of questions and feelings and I just need to talk and express how I feel. I knew this day would come. I received an Edwards Bovine Tissue valve in March of 06 for my aortic valve...
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    Am I Letting Them Push This Too Fast?

    Hello everyone. I went to see the surgeon today I'm seriously considering for my second heart surgery. He did my first 12 and a half years ago. I saw him 14 months ago when it first became apparent to me that my aortic tissue valve was degenerating. I went to see him again today to be sure he's...
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    Moses Cone Hospital and Consumer Reports Rating

    In the July issue of Consumer Reports, they had an article called Heart Surgery Safety Guide. In that article, they rated hospitals based on such factors as survival and complications rates. The data was provided by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, the professional group that represents heart...
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    Travel with moderate to severe stenosis of aortic tissue valve?

    Hello everyone, I had my last echo February 16. The one before that was last June. I have an 11 year old Edwards bovine valve that will be 12 on Mar. 6. Almost birthday time! I knew that this valve was showing deterioration after last summer's echo. We had been thinking about traveling to...
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    Is Hydrochorothiazide safe?

    My cardiologist prescribed hydrochorothiazide as a diuretic not because I have high blood pressure but to make me feel better as my aortic stenosis advances. Surgery for it is expected within a year. My question is does this drug actually help take some of the strain off your heart or does it...
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    Surgeon says second valve replacement will be full sternotomy! Yuck!

    Hello all. I recently posted that my bovine aortic valve was showing signs of age and becoming stenotic. I went to see my heart surgeon for a second opinion because I'm having an unrelated surgery August 30. I wanted some assurance that I would be OK for that. My heart surgeon did my first valve...
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    Should I still see the surgeon?

    Hello, I've had my bovine aortic heart valve for 11 years this past March. A couple weeks ago, I had an echocardiogram that my cardiologist said showed moderate to severe stenosis of the aortic valve. When I asked him how long I had until it needed replacement, his answer was vague. I'm...
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    Repeat Surgeries

    I was wondering how many times a heart valve can be replaced whether tissue or mechanical. I know the answer would depend on a lot of factors but I'd like to hear feedback on this. Thanks!
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    Warfarin and systemic calcification?

    I was wondering if any of you know anything about the following quote and whether there is a way to prevent warfarin from increasing systemic calcification. It sounds like over time, it could be a big problem but I'm hoping that's not true. I've been thinking a lot about if and when I need to...
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    Emotionally, I could use some support. Thanks.

    Hello folks, I don't know what is going on with me but I went away for the weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary and sort of fell off the edge. Maybe my hormones are really wacky or something but I found myself barely able to keep from crying at times. I had a stress echo done about a...
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    Question about supplements that might help prevent or dissolve calcium deposits

    Hi all. This may be a silly idea but when I found out that my aortic tissue valve has moderate stenosis plus some calcification of the mitral valve annulus, I started wondering if there are any supplements that might prevent calcification of the heart, heart valves and arteries or even reverse...
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    Just why exactly do tissue valves wear out?

    We all know that replacement tissue valves eventually wear out. Given that a tissue valve was good and not defective when it was placed, what causes them to wear out and calcify? I know younger people go through them faster than older people. Is it our immune systems attacking the valve? Is it...
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    Can cholesterol lowering drugs delay aortic calcification in a biological valve?

    Hello everyone, I've been studying my stress echo results from last week's test and I've been wondering about a couple of things. I'm 63 and had my bicuspid aortic valve replaced 10 years ago with a bovine tissue valve. According to my test results, I now have moderate stenosis of the aortic...
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    Remembering members from a long time ago and wondering where they are now.

    Hi, I've been gone a long time from this forum myself. I just recently came back after getting some disturbing results on my last echo. I posted about that in another area. I was wondering about several people I use to see here all the time back in 06. I can't remember all their names but one I...
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    10 yr old aortic tissue valve - results of stress echo - how worried should I be?

    Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I was here. I've been busy living my life but I owe this group a lot. After a bout with pneumonia this past spring, I noticed some irregular heart symptoms, mainly breathlessness and sometimes when exerting myself, my upper arms felt a bit achy. I...