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    I love licorice too, but

    I stopped eating all licorice because it creates cavities, sticks to my teeth or might pull out my teeth. Anise is safer
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    Doing valve replacement overseas without insurance

    Do you have the cash to spend on it? No credit is permitted? For U.S. surgeons, I found a website 3 years ago that provides details on each one's success rate in types of surgeries. My surgeon at a small hospital near Chicago is listed with around 97% success rate. Most heart surgeons have high...
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    Doing valve replacement overseas without insurance

    Scenario 2 looks best to me. Have it done there, if you trust the doctor and he has a very high success rate, over 95%, as mine did. I found the data online in a survey. I also am very alone with nobody I can rely on. Single. I went through rehab alone at home with no company, no assistance...
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    Three years ago it happened.

    Three years since my double bipass and valve replacement. No problems since. Still see my doc every 6 months for checkup. No new medicines. Very grateful!
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    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    Three years ago. Double bipass and valve. No problems since, thank God. I am so grateful.
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    antibiotic ciproflaxcin

    Have any of you taken this medicine and later on developed heart problem as side effect? Or tendon problem? A study done last year showed that .9% of patients had some mitral regurgitation. I don't know what regurgitation feels like, but I had it prior to my surgery almost 3 years ago. I'm...
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    52 years on ONE valve

    wow to your good fortune------ thanks for the memories? That is supposed to be for the good times....Bob Hope's theme song.
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    14 Year Anniversary!

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    Is this a routine cleaning or a deep cleaning? A routine cleaning takes half an hour or less and a deep cleaning an hour, much more severe. You can skip the routine cleaning for now (unless you have a problem) and take the antibiotic whenever you go as I do, regardless of what the dentist says...
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    Are porcine valves kosher?

    It is one thing to exclude pork for traditional religious reasons and your conscience, but then a theological issue whether God would care or knows whether someone eats pork or utilizes it to save their life. Pure speculation.
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    Dental hygiene benefits

    My dentist has been saying this to me. Maintain your dental health! It is often undervalued and neglected.
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    72 year old surgeon

    I know of a doctor who is 80 and still working. But he is not a surgeon.
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    I had a mitral valve replacement and double bipass in 2017 and am okay now,, says cardiologist, yesterday. Pot is legal here in Illinois in flower", candy and liquid form. So far I smoked 3 grams and my heart is all right. Maybe every 7-10 days, moderate amount. I'm from the Sixties. For the...
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    TWO years for me.

    Valve replacement with tissue and double bipass successfully done at MacNeal (Loyola) Hospital, Illinois I always felt very taken care of. Just wish I had someone with me during home recovery.
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    Looking for advice on how to support.

    ladybug OP
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    Looking for advice on how to support.

    Don't say it is common as my friend repeated constantly and annoyingly. Avoid cliches and truisms. If you can't think what to say, say nothing.
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    Post-op Beer

    I would say no. Why chance it?
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    Recovering alone

    Paul, I had a double bipass and mitral valve surgery almost 2 years ago and recovered on my own. A phebotmist came once a week for my warfarin needs. OT came twice. I have NO family and my lone sister never called or came over after 2 weeks. I was scared at night but I am fine now. Lucky me...
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    Recovering alone

    I am over 70, never married and alone. I hate to say, but it doesn't get better over time. You get used to it but it worries me. Gave up getting dates long long ago. You may try LoveShack forum
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    Is he taking anti-depressants? Some of them like Sertaline can cause more vivid dreams, nightmares. Obviously, it might depend what the nightmares are about? Are they related to surgery or health in any way, even symbolically?