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    seventh valversary!

    Dear fellow valvers: Today marks my seventh valversary! So, I'd like to again thank the members on this wonderful board who have given advice and support.. I now just have annual visits with my cardiologist for blood work and EKG. I no longer have annual echocardiograms. My last...
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    surgical anniversaries

    Dear fellow valvers: Today I can add another candle to that heart-shaped cake! This is my sixth valversary! Best wishes to all! Va.66 AVR with an Edwards bovine pericardial – Dr. Paul Corso, surgeon, Washington Hospital Center – Feb. 11, 2008
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    surgical anniversaries

    Dear fellow valvers: Today marks my fifth valversary! My surgery was just a few days before Valentine’s Day so all of those heart-shaped delicacies have special meaning for me! When I asked my cardiologist at my last visit if I still needed regular echos, he replied that I can wait...
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    fourth year valversary

    Hello fellow valvers: It's been four years now since I had my severely calcified aortic valve replaced at Washington Hospital Center! I want to thank all of you for being a source of support, information and community over these last years. I couldn't have done it without you...
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    Three years today!

    Dear fellow valvers: Three years ago tomorrow, I looked out the window of my hospital room at WHI where I was recovering from my surgery the day before and saw Canadian geese flying in formation over the Shrine. It was as though I had never seen Canadian geese before. As a matter of a...
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    February 11, 2008

    I missed posting on my first “valversary”, so I’ll post at my 1-1/2 years celebration. One and one half-years ago, I was in the ICU of Washington Hospital Center recovering from my 2-l/2 hour surgery to replace my heavily calcified bicuspid aortic valve. It was my first surgery and...