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  1. johnmarkos

    Brand-name Coumadin discontinued in US, Canada, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia

    I went to the BMS site to look up the vitamin K content of some food -- something I couldn't find in the USDA's Food Central database, and I saw this alert: IMPORTANT ALERT: COUMADIN (warfarin sodium) is being discontinued in the U.S. Inventory may still be available at your pharmacy. If you...
  2. johnmarkos

    Cyborg in training

    It's been a week and a day since surgery, and mostly, I'm feeling pretty good, knock on wood! I'm taking lots of short walks, but since I live on the top of a hill, I haven't ventured off it yet. Sternal pain is not too bad, and I've been handling it with Acetaminophen/Paracetamol/Tylenol...
  3. johnmarkos

    Aortic valve repair or replacement, early 2020

    When I was 17, I was dating the daughter of an orthopedic surgeon. One day, he listened to my heart with his stethoscope and told me, "You have a heart murmur." I told my primary care doctor about it, so he listened to my heart and didn't hear anything, so I forgot about it for 23 years. I went...