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    Question for the ladies

    Thanks to all for sharing your experiences. Sounds like this is something I should be proactive about and get my cardiologist involved related to my anti-coagulation. I have done some checking about a good GYN and have put a request in to see the one that was recommended. Laura B.
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    Question for the ladies

    Jean, appreciate you sharing that the doctors worked together, that would make me feel better. I will see where this goes, I may have to have a hysterectomy and like you said I have a lot of apprehension about this, especially since I just had my heart surgery last June, not even a year ago...
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    Question for the ladies

    I have been diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia for which I am seeing a specialist. I have had light vaginal bleeding with this, but it seems to be related very much to my taking the Warfarin. The doctor has said I may need to have a D & C or possibly a hysterectomy. Has anyone had to...
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    Very Moving Phone Call

    At this time of year when we focus on Thanksgiving and Blessings, it is so true, so thankful to those who have been there before and for those that continue to research to improve our quality of life.
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    Anyone Had Problems With Hair Loss?

    You are helping to console me. About 2 months after surgery in June my hair started coming out. I have always had thick hair, but every time I wash it the drain is full, hair in the sink and on the floor. Guess this is starting my 3rd month of hair loss and just hoping it will slow down...
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    Got my machine

    Dayton, thanks for that info. I will contact them and see what I can find out. Good to hear they work well with their customers. Laura
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    Got my machine

    Colleen you had asked how long it took to get my machine. It was really very quick after they told me I had been approved. What seem to hold up my request was that I faxed my information on the sheet to the individual that was to receive it. I never heard back,I had also talked to someone by...
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    Got my machine

    I got the inratio2 machine from QAS. Marsha, that is interesting. I had to do phone training, but wasn't told to take the machine to the doctors office. I really basically work though the Coumadin clinic to communicate my INR levels and what dose I should be taking. They keep track and...
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    Got my machine

    I just had to send an update that I received my self-testing INR machine and have been self-testing for 2 weeks. I think it is great and just have to say thanks to all of you who have really promoted self-testing. My doctor did not really think I would be able to get insurance to cover it, but...
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    Machine is on its way!

    Good news for you. I am hoping to get insurance (Pacific Care) to approve one for me. QAS must have lost the 1st info I sent in, so it has not been so smooth for me. Can't wait to stop having my blood drawn once or twice a week. My HMO is in the dark ages and doesn't even have a machine in...
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    New here - Getting ready for surgery 10/21

    Bill, glad to see you found this site, it is a huge support and help during this time of your life. Sounds like you are checking out the options. My valve replacement was mitral and I did not want to be on a blood thinner the rest of my like either, but after a lot of research I went with...
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    Lori Is Doing Great!

    I've been wondering the same. Laura B.
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    I am Back From Boston Appointment......

    I love your attitude, keep living as you said. Your in my prayers. Laura B.
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    Surgery tomorrow!!

    Lori, you may not see this before you leave tomorrow for the hospital, but you are in my thoughts and prayers. Will be anxious to hear the great report! Laura B.
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    Simon Applegate

    Was so sad to read this thread and hear of Simons death. Linda and family my thoughts and prayers will be with you during this very sad and difficult time. Laura B.
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    Ross??? where are you?

    I would agree with that! Ross so glad to hear from you, was concerned because I did not see you posting, but know that you had lost a best friend and know that takes a toll on anyone. Thanks for all that you do to connect and manage this site. It has been a God send to me during my...
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    David is going home today!

    Nadine and David, sounds so familiar since I did so much the same thing as David. 14 day stay, an hour and half drive from LA and etc. He will be glad he had that shower at the hospital, having a big enough one you can sit down and the spray nozzle really helps, and he won't feel like it...
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    Upcoming Mitral Valve Surgery

    Welcome to this site, it will be a big help to you in finding out information and getting support. I am 51 years of age and just had my mitral valve replaced in June with a mechanical valve. It was done as a minimally invasive procedure though my ribs. I have been very fortunate that...
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    Tbone didn't make it

    Ross, so sorry that you lost your best friend. Thanks for sharing with us a little of what transpired. Praying for you as you deal with this great loss.
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    Surgery Date - Sep 25th

    Welcome to this forum, it will be a huge support to you. Sounds like you have pretty much everything in place. Your positive and take charge of your health attitude are very important. Laura B.