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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    I have not had problems like you mentioned yet, but I have not gotten a bill from the new provider of the "service" yet either afaik. I did ask the old Roche testing service (whatever they were called I 4get now off the top of my head) and they said nothing should change with my charges but...
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    Episodic "brain fog", fatigue, coordination issues post AVR surgery?

    Something else I noticed about those nightmares - they would be only a few minutes after I fell asleep (they would make me scream/moan which would thankfully wake me up). Normally I don't really start dreaming until much later at night, or be towards the morning when the alarm goes off. Not as...
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    Episodic "brain fog", fatigue, coordination issues post AVR surgery?

    Oh yeah, I very much identify with your experiences on metoprolol. I was nonfunctional when first put on it after a stent last fall. I had less than zero energy. Was sleepy all the time. Very difficult to concentrate and DO anything at all. Had multiple episodes of not even knowing where I...
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    Do you take amoxicillin @ dental visit?

    Did they use the water scraper thing or just hand tools? P.S. Just ran into an unexpected hassle. Checked my antibiotic bottle for the appt and the pills "expired" as of 1/21/20 (that doesn't mean they are no good but I'd rather have a bottle that doesn't say "discard after 1/21/20" on them)...
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    Do you take amoxicillin @ dental visit?

    I have a dentist appt in about 2 weeks btw. Not looking fwd to it. Due to Covid my 6 month checkup/cleaning was canceled and this one will be a year since I had my teeth scraped. I get bad plaque buildup despite flossing, brushing, waterpicking, etc and the hygienist usually starts with the...
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    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    About 5.5 years post surgery for me (mechanical valve). Mine was an emergency situation due to heart attack (coronary artery disease, big blockages). They decided to change my oil filter (aortic valve) while they were changing my oil (double bypass) since they already had me up on the lift I...
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    Coagucheck XS Test Strips Chip Code

    I can't recall exactly what happened as to why/how I lost a chip once but still had like 4 corresponding strips for that, but I called Roche and they had some of those exact chips on hand and sent me one for free. I was/am enrolled in their testing program though (although suspect that they...
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    My experience with AVR and follow up 3 weeks post surgery

    Cardiac rehab only 3 weeks out? Wow. I was just barely walking around in small doses. And still in so much pain from the OHS surgery any kind of workout was unthinkable. My zipper pain did not subside until after like 7 weeks later. Don't think I was allowed to start rehab until at least...
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    Home testing questions

    Pretty much same for me. I was shocked to read above that someone was spending like 30-45 minutes for a self test. I put a paper towel down on the kitchen table Put the meter on that Get a lancet set aside Wash my hands in warm water for about 1 minute Do the test, write the result in the...
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    Home testing questions

    Depending on the valve the range might be different than 2.5 to 3.5. Unfortunately that is the long adapted standard and many Dr's in my experience have no idea that some valves have FDA approval for lower target ranges than that. My valve for instance (On-X) has a target range of 1.5 to 2.0...
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    Home testing questions

    Thx for the rubber band tip, I might try that. I rarely get a big enough blood drop the first time (or any time). I have a new rule though & that is after I have sacrificed 2 fingers I give up and wait until next week. I used to go as far as 4-5 pricks but my fingers/hands just get too beat...
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    My experience with AVR and follow up 3 weeks post surgery

    Great idea about earplugs, thanks. I will try to remember that if I get an advance warning of needing another hospital stay for something.
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    My experience with AVR and follow up 3 weeks post surgery

    Oh yeah, I can relate muchly as well. I was in the hospital I think around 10 days overall (?). I'm not sure now. Think I was in intensive care about 4-5 days (?). Then moved to a recovery floor for operations, mostly heart operations I think. Although the staff visits in ICU seemed...
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    I was coughing a lot during my recovery but I probably went through more than most up here, I suffered heart attack, then OHS with double bypass & AVR at same time. Took months for that cough to go away but it did.
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    Life Expectancy BAV Mechanical vs Tissue

    I agree totally. Lingering on for months with endless treatments and torture that they involve, which has happened to multiple friends/family is not how I want to go. Great advice! Love that make a good looking corpse bit...
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    Anyone here on Repatha (PCSK9 inhibitor, injectable) for high LDL?

    My Drs want me to start taking this drug for high LDL (tried but I am unable to tolerate statins). I'm hesitant to try this drug for several reasons including many commonly reported adverse effects at the link below: Repatha User Reviews for High Cholesterol at Drugs.com Is anyone here taking...
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    Tthe reason Red Rice Yeast can lower cholesterol is BECAUSE it contains the same active ingredient as a statin (lovastatin). It is actually more dangerous to take than that statin itself since you don't even know HOW MUCH of the statin that it contains. I'm surprised no one mentioned this...
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    Questionable Echocardiogram report - Ever have this something like this???

    Oy vey! I will have to take a close look on what is submitted to my insurance & bill for that once I get it. Btw, I mentioned this new weirdness to my PCP b4 I saw the cardiologist, was trying to illustrate all of the strange confusion by this practice (like the incorrect echo report I already...
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    Questionable Echocardiogram report - Ever have this something like this???

    Just happened to reread my post above and that line made me laugh. Of course I meant the word "role" but must have had a brainfart while typing and wrote "roll" instead. Although bread can be yummy I don't think you need to bring any with you when seeing the doctors. :)
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    Questionable Echocardiogram report - Ever have this something like this???

    More than that even. Anyone that just takes Drs at their word is a fool. You need to constantly stay on top of your care and take an active roll, try to understand what they are saying and ask intelligent questions. Everytime I haven't I have been burned in one way or another. Of course to...