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  1. Warrick

    Fingernail changes??

    Perhaps thyroid related? I have not noticed any difference on my hair or nails, be nice if my toe nails didnt grow.. might save a few pairs of socks, and my hair loss started well before warfarin. A few good comments here- Hair and nail problems on Warfarin. - AF Association.
  2. Warrick

    30 yesrs

    Congratulations on your 30th. 🎂 The “veterans” on here like you and others give us all something to aspire to and there is long life after vr.☄ Im working on beating my father who is still ticking at 35 years on his St Jude valve.
  3. Warrick

    Aortic Dissection awareness Week

    Thanks for the heads up, I found this on John Ritter, I never realised what he died from until now. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/john-ritters-widow-raises-awareness-about-aortic-disease I currently know of a woman with Loeys Dietz syndrome who has a very recently discovered aneurym...
  4. Warrick

    Paying for surgeries 100% cash

    Think India’s one of the cheapest places in the world for VR https://m.indianhealthguru.com/valve-replacement-surgery-India-low-cost-advantages.html I remember reading about a charity run hospital in India doing replacements for around $1,200 dollars, they utilised the patients family members...
  5. Warrick

    Paying for surgeries 100% cash

    From what I recall reading somewhere a conventional valve is priced at around $4,000-$7,500 whereas TAVI valves are up over the $30,000 mark, think it was 36K from memory, so not cheap
  6. Warrick

    Home testing questions

    On the lab/ meter front I haven’t had a blood draw INR test since the 5 days I spent in hospital for my AVR in 2015. My lab uses the XS plus (the flash hospital ones that get calibrated every day) and the most their test and mine have been out by is around 0.2 I think, so theres absolutely no...
  7. Warrick

    Home testing questions

    I prick the same spot on the same finger every weekly test. Third on the left seems to be my best bleeding finger. Just looking on ebay there appears to be several s/h well priced meters at the moment
  8. Warrick

    Coagucheck XS Test Strips Chip Code

    Close but no cigar sorry I’ve got a 405 chip and then the next one down I have is a 329
  9. Warrick

    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    People seem to forget the that that the world majority of warfarin users are managed by people other than themselves and if someone is in range 60+% of the time they’re stable and safe, and people believe that. This is mine the last 18 months, with an XS meter and I find my INR can be pin point...
  10. Warrick

    Questionable Echocardiogram report - Ever have this something like this???

    “ Anyone that just takes Drs at their word is a fool.” Hear hear!! I was with my father at his doctors today and he asked him wether he had a tissue or mechanical valve.. hes only been his doctor for the last 20yrs...
  11. Warrick

    Questionable Echocardiogram report - Ever have this something like this???

    Really sounds like the report they gave you belongs to someone else (perhaps they got your report and are scratching their head wondering how they’ve got a bileaflet mechanical valve...). Here in NZ an echo is free under the public health system, but if I want one in between my 4 year checkups...
  12. Warrick

    Warfarin bruising

    Yep same bruise in roughly the same place, I slipped in the shower, got a nonslip shower mat now, looks worse than it is and it went away on its own accord Lasted a few weeks from what I remember
  13. Warrick

    Another INR question

    Another few cents... As much as “dr google” gets alot of flak, if you sift thru theres still plenty of good information on drug interactions and what has been clinically observed to interact with warfarin
  14. Warrick

    Another INR question

    I find the one off dose antibiotic dose for the dentist has no affect whatsoever, same as a couple of doses of paracetamol (Tyenol) on the same day doesnt but then if I take a couple of doses of paracetamol over a few days like last time I had a filling that ached for a few days my INR went up...
  15. Warrick

    Drinking alcohol on warfarin

    Im not saying get rats but have you tried a big night and tested a few days later to see if theres an effect? My fathers been on warfarin 30+ yrs and he used to get regularly hammered when I was a kid and it never affected his INR at all, whereas Iv found 3-4 drinks a day over a few days raises...
  16. Warrick

    INR management through a remote service

    Hmm sometimes I wish I had medical professionals that cared enough to ask my INR ... but then that feeling soon wears off.. I last had a dosing recomendation 14 weeks post op and the only one that asks about my INR these days is my dental hygenist in case I bleed to death from my gums (tongue in...
  17. Warrick

    Annuloplasty Device for Bicuspid Aortic Valve Repair

    Just stumbled across this after googling for a laugh “wooden heart valves” from another thread. I realise the site is from 2017 but I can not recall seeing anything ever posted regarding this device so perhaps another option string in someones bow here in the future...
  18. Warrick

    Another INR question

    Not all antibiotics will affect your INR and one antibiotic might affect your INR and not affect the next one on warfarin. Ive been up to INR 7.7 with an antibiotic that “might” affect my INR, test and see is the best way before adjusting for what “might” happen imo