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    Big milestone

    Well, folks, as of yesterday my.valve and I have lived together happily for 20 years. Yup, you read that right. Twenty frickin years and I am still a-goin. :) Hope everyone else (especially those just beginning their VR journey) has the same luck I’ have had. May we all keep clicking and...
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    Aneurysm measurement confusion.

    Hi all, I've been having CTs for the past decade to follow an ascending aortic aneurysm. (I had an AVR/aneurysm repair in 1999.) From 2008-2016 the aneurysm measured anywhere from 4.3 - 4.6 cm. In 2017 it appeared to have shrunk, measuring only 3.8. My cardio double checked with the...
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    EKG results show a-flutter

    Hi all, Had an AVR back in '99 and have been doing well since then except for an ascending aortic anuerysm that now measures between 4.5-4.6cm. I recently noticed my pulse rate was in the 103-112 range, so notified my doc, who ordered an EKG. The report said I had a-flutter. (Atrial rate 208...
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    18 years!!!

    Just have to say a happy 18th to my valve. Every day I'm grateful for my surgeon and the medical professionals who got me through. They had a tough time due to the scar tissue from my first surgery, but they did it and I'm still clicking away. : ) Hope everyone is well.
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    Aneurysm shrinkage???

    Hi all, I've had a mechanical valve for 18 years now (go, me and my valve!) : ) and am being followed for an aneurysm in the ascending aorta. It has averaged 4.5cm or so in the past few years but this year my report said it was 3.8. HUH? The radiologist even mentioned it appeared similar to...
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    My echo

    Hi all, I had my annual cardio visit today. I had AVR and aneurysm repair back in 1999 and am now being followed due to another aneurysm, now measuring 4.6 cm. All went well, but when I read my report a bit later it said "mitral valve thickening consistent with calcification and or fibrosis...
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    17 Years and Still A-Goin!!!

    Yup, seventeen years ago today I was given a shiny, lovely new mechanical aortic valve and thankfully have been doing well ever since. Well, save for a pesky li'l thing called an aortic aneurysm. : ) So I'm going to have loads of pizza, chocolate cake, ice cake and give thanks for all the...
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    Really low INR

    Hi all, Got a shiny new mechanical valve back in '99 and have been on coumadin ever since. I have been quite lucky and with rare exceptions have never been out of the desired 2.5 - 3.5 range. I am tested monthly and last three tests were 3.0, 2.9 and 2.9. Got tested yesterday and I was 1.3...
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    CT Scan Reports - how detailed?

    Hi everyone, I've had two open heart surgeries. The last was an AVR/aneurysm repair in 1999. Thanks to my lovely BAV, I developed a second aneurysm in the ascending aorta that in 2012 measured 4.5 cm. I also have aneurysmal dilatations at the origins of the braciocephalic, left common carotid...
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    16 years...

    Hi all, I'm not a frequent poster but just wanted to say I celebrated my 16th year with my valve on February 1st. YAY!!!!! Wishing everyone else the same success and longevity with their own valves. Cheers!
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    15 Years Tomorrow!!

    Hi everybody, My mechanical aortic valve and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary tomorrow, February 1st, with pizza and a movie. You are all welcome to attend. : ) Can't believe it's been that long. I've been extremely fortunate and still very grateful to my surgeon and the whole cardiac...
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    Echos and CT scans

    Hi all, I had AVR/aneurysm repair back in 1999 and have had a yearly echo every year since then. Along with the echo I started having an annual CT scan four years ago when an ascending aortic aneurysm was discovered - it currently measures 4.5 cm. Oddly enough, my cardio is only scheduling a...
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    TEE next week

    Hi all, I have a 13-year old mechanical valve that has been doing really well. However, my last echo showed an "independently mobile echodensity," so lucky moi is having a TEE next week to get a better look at the little bugger. My cardio showed me the echo images and it was weird - whatever...
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    Yikes! Today's Echo

    Hi everyone, Went for my yearly echo today (I had AVR/aneurysm repair in '99) and after years of perfect reports, the following things were noted that the doctor who wrote the report said should be "considered for TEE if clinically indicated." I have a CT scheduled to check my aneurysm and...
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    Sort of O/T Dick Cheney has heart transplant surgery

    Just read that the former vice president had a heart transplant. I am not a fan of his politics but I certainly wish him the very best for a full and speedy recovery. Valve replacement is bad enough but I can honestly think of nothing scarier than a transplant. Best wishes to you and your...
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    Pulse pressure

    I was reading recently about what the pulse pressure can tell about our hearts. I never knew about this and my doctor has never mentioned it. Mine is usually in the 70s or more, which is considered high. Here's a link that explains it. I think it's very interesting...
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    Go me! It's my valversary! (Feb 1)

    Hi folks, Haven't posted for a while but just wanted to say that today's my 13th valversary! Yup, 13 years ago at this time I was STILL in surgery after an early morning start. (Pretty long sugery because of "oopsie!" complications due to scar tissue.) I'm being watched for an ascending...
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    MRI results

    Hi everyone, Had a MRI/MRA last Thursday and got the results today. Good news is that there is no significant change from last year. WOOHOO! We're still holding at 4.5 in the ascending aorta but my braciocephalic artery went from 2.6 to 2.8 cm and the report called it "markedly dilated." But...
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    Another probably silly question : )

    Hi all, We're housebound thanks to the lovely weather, so I decided to start making a list of questions for my cardio appointment next week. Well, got to looking at my echo reports and for the past two years a mild thickening of the mitral valve and mild mitral annular calcification have been...
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    Murmur after AVR

    Hi all Hope this doesn't sound like a silly question but I recently saw my primary care physician. He took a quick listen to my heart and said, "I can hear your murmur." Later on I got to thinking: why would I have a murmur now? Wouldn't the AVR have cleared it up? I know prior to my surgery...