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  1. Bill B

    How's this for being sensitive?

    I started out stabilized on 12mg of warfarin --- per week. Yep, 1.5mg/day except 3 mg one day per week. INR between 2 and 3. Over the 3 years I've been on warfarin, I've had a couple of small upward adjustments to keep my INR between 2 and 3, and until recently I was on 15mg per week (1.5mg...
  2. Bill B

    12 week INR interval vs. 4 weeks in patients who are "stable" for at least 6 months.

    12 week INR interval vs. 4 weeks in patients who are "stable" for at least 6 months. Take a look at this.... http://www.annals.org/site/collections/rct_pdf/0000605-201111150-00003.pdf Bill
  3. Bill B

    Two years tomorrow

    With deepest thanks to Dr. D. Craig Miller, cardiac surgeon extraordinaire, and Dr. Mary Lowen, General Practitioner extraordinaire (saved my life twice in less than 10 minutes by correctly diagnosing a murmur as significant and a mole as potentially malignant, both caught just in the nick of...
  4. Bill B

    Mainframe needs ALL your prayers

    I just received a detailled message from Chris's wife. - Chris is in the NICU at Stanford Hospital in rough but stable condition after AVR reop to replace a failed CE tissue valve with mechanical and to perform an ascending aorta graft - Surgery exceeded 11 hours. - Initially very slow going...
  5. Bill B

    Scary post-surgical sleep problem

    Dorsai mentioned sleep problems in his post-op report. I'm still in the hospital coming up on day 6, and my only significant problem is almost complete inability to sleep. Mine has a specific pattern. If I try to lie in a bed put in any position, I experience labored breathing. As I get...
  6. Bill B

    Aortic Valve Bypass

    I saw this a while back when I was looking for alternatives to traditional valve replacement for my now severely stenotic BAV. I don't see it mentioned here. I gather this is not entirely new, but it appears to be a refined version with a new apparatus. Right now it is investigational and...
  7. Bill B

    Getting Brain MRI on Wednesday

    SOMEWHERE in this forum (I can't find it now) there is a thread about brain aneurysms in BAV patients, where a study showed a rate of about 10%, 10 times that of the a control group. Here is a video presentation of that study that was linked in the thread...
  8. Bill B

    Prosthetic Aortic Valve Database?

    Hi: I'm trying to make an informed choice of which prosthetic aortic valve to have implanted next month. The first issue is just getting a list of all the valves available. Has anyone compiled or have a link to a database of available valves, both mechanical and bio? I thought it would be...
  9. Bill B

    New here - Getting ready for surgery 10/21

    Hi: I have BAV discovered only a year ago. I'm 61 and have been healthy as a horse all my life and was a track and marathon runner in my younger days. Anyway, a visit to the doctor last year for the first time after many years picked up a significant murmur and echo showed BAV with 1.1cm...