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  1. maxximom

    7th anniversary

    Well it has been 7 years since my triple by pass/AVR surgery..in some ways it seems like it was only yesterday and some days it seems like it was very long ago.I don't post to often,, but I am a regular lurker and jump in once and a while if I can be of any help to someone. I had my surgery...
  2. maxximom

    2 year anniversary

    2 Years ago today I had my AVR and triple bypass. When I first posted here..like many of you I was in shock.. I never expected that I would ever need my Valve replaced and certainly didn't think it would be combined with a triple bypass. I was absolutly terrified. Given my age and other medical...
  3. maxximom

    Alicia is over the mountain

    I called Duke this afternoon when I noticed that nothing was posted about Alicia and I was getting worried. I spoke with Alicia's husband (and heard Alicia in the backround) The surgery went well..Dr Glower could not do the surgery mimimally invasive and had to go the "traditional" approach...
  4. maxximom

    1 year anniversary last week

    Hello to all my old friends and a big hello to all the my new ones. I haven't posted very often in the past 6 months,,but I do come arround and lurk from time to time. It has been a pretty good year for me after my AVR and triple bypass last September. You were all so helpful to me. I was a...
  5. maxximom

    Update on Nashville Dave

    I just got a phonecall from Dave's mother. Dave is doing very well. He is walking the halls and using his breathing equipement. He has some pain. He is doing very well over all. He is having a hard time getting used to the "Ticking" of his new St Judes valve. His surgeon said that his bicuspid...
  6. maxximom

    Nashville Dave is over the Mountain

    I just got a call that Dave made it through the surgery with flying colors:) He is in the recovery room.. I know that he will do well..he is young and strong and was in good shape before the surgery. I'm sure that all of you have helped him face the surgery with a lot more strength than he had...
  7. maxximom

    Doctor visit question

    Hi to all of you!!:) Hope all of you are recovering nicely and to all that are still waiting..my thoughts are with you. I am 7 weeks post-op on Tuesday from my AVR and triple bypass and I think that I am really doing very well. I fanally am getting some decent sleep since last week I was able...
  8. maxximom

    REHAB question

    I'm 5 weeks post op at this point and ready to start some sort of rehab program. I have looked into 2 programs..one at Duke and one at a local hospital iiin Raleigh. The local hospital moniors with a portable ekg type monitor as well as checking your B/P and the program at Duke which has the...
  9. maxximom

    Overdue update

    Hi to all of you:) I've been home 2 weeks today and 3 weeks post op tomorrow. I'm still having some vision problems and that is the reason I haven't posted for the past week. I guess that I am doing pretty well. I get the staples out on Thursday and I'm sure that will make me more comfy. The...
  10. maxximom

    I'm home with some really nutty problems

    Hi All I got home on Monday afternoon and I suppose that I'm doing pretty well ..all things considered. Its really GOOD to be home. I have had suprisingly little pain. Mostly just trying to find a comfortable posotion. They did a triple bypass as planned and I only had to have a AVR..the Mitral...
  11. maxximom

    Surgery Cancelled

    After being at Duke from 10am until 4:30 pm..in gown, booties and shower cap..my surgery was cancelled!!:mad: The person scheduled at 7am had run into big time trouble and then they got in 3 emergancies one of which was Pediatric..that took up all the teams and OR's..so we were sent home:mad...
  12. maxximom

    Surgery tomorrow

    DARN I wrote this whole long post and when I clicked send..it didn't go through..so here I am again!! My surgery is set tomorrow at 1pm at Duke. Had a long day at pre-op. Had a long talk with Dr Glower..the bottom lone (I'm tired and its late) If he has to do the Mitral Valve as well as the AVR...
  13. maxximom

    Happy New Year

    I would like to wish to all of you who observe it a very Happy New Year. It is hard to say these words in view of last weeks tragic events...May we all find PEACE somehow this year Joan
  14. maxximom

    Anyone hear from Cindy?

    Has anyone heard from Cindy? Cindy and her Dad were supposed to leave Cleveland on Wednes..but because of Tuesday's tragic events were not able to. I emailed to her and have not received an answer as yet. Does anyone know if they have made it back to Atlanta or how and where they may be? Joan
  15. maxximom

    I've got a date for the big day

    Just wanted you all to know that I have a date for my AVR and triple bypass (and possibly Mitral Valve) for Sept 21 at Duke. Let the games begin!! I guess I will be sweating out these next few weeks and trying to tie all the loose ends together. Maybe we'll even get away for a few days and try...
  16. maxximom

    Donating my own blood

    I have read here that some of you have donated or are planing on donating your own blood prior to surgery. Wheen I met with Dr. Glower at Duke last Thursday, I asked him that question. He told me that Heart patients are NOT allowed to donate ..that the Red Cross will NOT allow it. Does any one...
  17. maxximom

    AVR andd Triple Bypass Part 2

    Hi to all of you and thank you to all who have responded to my panic posts. My Husband and I met with Dr. Glower yesterday..he was very nic, informative and very patient..even though he was running 3 hours late..in no way did he rush us. There is no doubt that both surgeries are very neccessary...
  18. maxximom

    AVR and bypass surgery together

    Hi all..thank you again for your responses to my scared newbie part 2 post. I am still trying to find people out there who may have had AVR and Bypass surgery together. I guess there aren't to many of you out there. If you know of anyone who could email me even if they aren't participating in...
  19. maxximom

    scared newbie part 2

    Thank all of you who have responded to my first post..you all have been very very helpful to me. This board has been invaluable to me in helping me research and educating me. I had my cath yesterday..all went well during the proceedure and thanks to all of you I was well informed for the cath. I...
  20. maxximom

    I'm a scared newbie

    :( Hi all..I just found out on Thursday that I have to have a aortic valve replacement. I am going for a Cath on Friday. I live in Raleigh NC and will be going to Duke for the Cath and probably there for the surgery.I have been on the computer non stop since Thursday..trying to educate myself. I...