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  1. Agian

    Microbleeds during heart surgery

    Recently had MRI of the head. All normal. However, they found 4 tiny areas of iron staining. These means sometime in the past the tip of a capillary burst and bled a little. When the blood is absorbed, what is left is a tiny bit of iron, which is picked up on the MRI. The radiologist told me it...
  2. Agian

    LDH Levels

    Sup, my peeps? LDH, or lactate dehydrogenase, is a measure of tissue breakdown. It tends to go up when blood cells crash into the mechanical valve. This is quite different to ldl, which is a type of cholesterol. My LDH is 363. Was wondering if others know what their's is, so I have some sort of...
  3. Agian

    Inspiring Story

    http://www.cryolife.com/patients/patient-stories-candy/ Click the green button to hear her story.
  4. Agian

    Dental clean after Valve Replacement

    How long after surgery do you have to wait before seeing your dentist for a professional clean? I'm guessing six months?
  5. Agian

    Diarrhoea :-)

    That caught your attention. Seriously, is it just me post op?
  6. Agian


    Is it normal to sleep this much post op? I'm pulling between 10 and 12 hours. Don't feel like doing anything. Cold outside.
  7. Agian

    Noisy valve

    Almost two weeks out AVR. On-X mechanical in aortic position. Pretty noisy. Does the clicking get better, worse, stay the same? Others can hear it as well. It's something I'll get used to. Small price to pay really. What are people's thoughts?
  8. Agian

    Out of the waiting room

    Just saw the surgeon this morning. I'm going to have an AVR and ascending aortic conduit next Wednesday. I'm going with the On-X. I know this has been discussed before, but what's the best machine to home test INR? Now is probably the time to invest in one. I must be going bananas, because I'm...
  9. Agian

    My little adventure

    Where do I start? About two weeks ago, I had some chest discomfort and forced myself to go to the Emergency Department, just for piece of mind. They ordered some blood tests, did an ECG and told me it was all fine. Rang the cardio the next day and asked for an earlier appointment. He told me...
  10. Agian

    Latest Research

    Found this http://www.heart-valve-surgery.com/heart-surgery-blog/2015/08/05/less-invasive-aortic-valve-surgery/
  11. Agian

    New surgical contraption

  12. Agian

    New mechanical valve in evolution

    Trileaflet mechanical valve in progress; may not require Warfarin. http://www.triflomedical.com/ :Happy:
  13. Agian

    Near Death Experiences

    I've been reading about NDEs lately. Given the number of people here, I was wondering if anyone has had such an experience.
  14. Agian

    Great photo

    I've been all wobbly since seeing this photo. Thought I might share it.
  15. Agian

    Being carefree again

    I miss the days before I was told I will need my chest cracked open. I am now in the waiting room and resigned to the pre-op worry. People say the anxiety gets better post-op. My question is: After AVR do people become carefree again, without being haunted by this heart thing? Do people...
  16. Agian

    Anxious post anaesthetic

    To cut a long story short, I had my pfo repaired earlier today. So far, so good. I tell you what though, after the GA wore off, I was so restless and jittery. This evolved into anxiety and a sense of dread. I feel a little better now. Has anyone else had this after anaesthesia? Just wondering.
  17. Agian

    Calcium clots from stenosed valves

    I saw my future surgeon today and he mentioned that stenosed bicuspid valves can thow off calcium clots. I forgot to ask him about how frequent this was. I suspect it's rare. Does anyone know more about this?
  18. Agian

    A question on statistics

    I don't know how to word this question in a scientific way. So excuse my ignorance. When they say someone has a 1% chance per year of having an 'event', does that mean that this risk accumulates? I mean 2% after two years etc. I'll give an example: Let's say someone has a 1% chance per year of...
  19. Agian

    PFO Repair

    I'm going in for a through-the-groin repair of a patent Foramen Ovale. It is thought that this was the cause of my TIA, about three months ago. PFO is also associated with migraines, which I also get. So, fingers crossed. As an aside, I quizzed this interventional cardiologist about...
  20. Agian


    I had the bottom half of the vision in my left eye go, for a few seconds, about two months ago. The doctor I saw today told me I probably had a TIA and put me on Plavix. I would have preferred if she put me on Warfarin, to minimise my chances of one in the future. The only thing I can attribute...