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  1. almost_hectic

    Valve Decision For 44-year old who loves beer

    the only time clicking sometimes annoys me is when I can’t get to sleep. In those times I’ve come to rely on some noise tracks. White noise, rain, and I’ve recently found a track of nighttime in the woods; crickets,an occasional owl. It’s cool I focus on that and forget about my clicking
  2. almost_hectic

    Second opinion?

    I got a second opinion and it saved my life.
  3. almost_hectic

    I have had 2 valve replacements within the past 3 years I just want to know if someone is having the same problems as me

    Have you gone for cardiac rehab? Those folks hear all the complaints and can often help greatly getting you back on track to feeling better.
  4. almost_hectic

    Request for more info on generic warfarin brands

    Ive been on Jantoven since mu surgery, only one ive even been on. No issues for me, I fill a 90 day supply for less than ten dollars w insurance
  5. almost_hectic

    Picture of what doctors think of as a "young" patient?

    In the hospital for my valve surgery at 44 it became quite common for any hospital staff that visited my room to say, “Gosh, you’re so young!”
  6. almost_hectic

    Scar treatment

    I’d mention your plan to your surgeon, see what they think
  7. almost_hectic

    Scar treatment

    Just realized you said you had stitches. That’s interesting. My incision was closed with surgical glue. So there were no stitches to remove. I guess every surgeon has their own way they like to do it.
  8. almost_hectic

    Scar treatment

    Fully closed means just skin, no scabs. Wait until any scabbing has fallen off by itself. If it doesn’t fall off by itself or just rinse off in the shower it’s still healing underneath. Removing it prematurely is a sure way to increase scarring potential
  9. almost_hectic

    Scar treatment

    I used a silicone cream called ScarAway every day for a number of months, my scar is just a flat smooth line now that's almost the same color as my skin. Not like some of the thick red scars I see on some heart patients. Its also best to keep it out of the sun for the first year while the scar...
  10. almost_hectic

    Edema in right foot

    I think it would be wise to mention it to your cardio
  11. almost_hectic

    Knocking sensation on sternum

    I guess it doesn't have to be, and when left can grow back or heal itself in a sense, but that if it does not, scar tissue can create potential complications, in which case require additional surgery to correct. As I understand, it is solely based on the surgeons preference whether to leave it...
  12. almost_hectic

    Knocking sensation on sternum

    Yeah, by clicking I meant valve click. I also had aneurysm removed with aortic graft. I’m told since then that that space or cavity of sorts where the aneurysm used to be has grown over with tissue and filled with fluid, as seen on a scan. Surgeon said it looks nice and tidy. Maybe that cavity...
  13. almost_hectic

    Knocking sensation on sternum

    You guys thump, do you click too?
  14. almost_hectic

    Knocking sensation on sternum

    Yeah, what Bryan described is right on. My pericardium was removed was my understanding. It will get better, but it will take time, maybe months. I hate to say it because its not easy, but try to get used to it.
  15. almost_hectic

    Saunas & Valves

    I would guess it’s less about the valve and more about your overall health. How is your blood pressure? How is your fitness level, do you get winded going up a flight of stairs?
  16. almost_hectic

    Post Op Day 4

    I would if it were me. At the very least please call there and see what your doctor or surgical team suggests
  17. almost_hectic

    Post Op Day 4

    A heating pad or hot water bottle will work wonders. Did for me at least!
  18. almost_hectic

    Brand-name Coumadin discontinued in US, Canada, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia

    FWIW, I’m on Jantoven, have been since I got my new valve on day one. No issues for me.
  19. almost_hectic

    Post Op Day 4

    Oh man, that’s bad news. Sorry to hear there’s nothing they can do
  20. almost_hectic

    Post Op Day 4

    This is interesting, never knew about the arm issue before. I wonder if that explains my bum left shoulder?