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  1. leadville

    New to forum

    Hi Adam, taking control of you own INR is a great idea, i'm UK based too and depending where you live your local health authority may offer a free self testing service ( mine does ) they give you the test machine & your GP writes your test strip script. Waffle on as much as you need to that is...
  2. leadville

    Weight Gain and Arthritis After Valve Replacement

    I think you might be on the right track with your gut. your leptin and ghrelin hormones could be out of whack, look into how and where they are produced If you are getting hunger signals but have eaten then something is affecting the signalling
  3. leadville

    Warfarin causes dementia?

    Ahh, i wondered why i had started to go grey 😉
  4. leadville

    Warfarin advantage

    so i understand this correctly , the group that had the poorest outcome had higher PT time. & also had the higher D dimmer level which is an indication of clots ? If they had clots then the bodies response is to try to break down the clots ( ergo higher PT ) ? So the potential warfarin...
  5. leadville

    3 months after AVR. (Afib) ?

    once you get the pain if you lean forward and the pain alleviates or if its made worse by leaning backwards and taking a deep breath it may be Costochondritis. Its common after OHS
  6. leadville

    New but Lurking for Months!

    Chronic Cardio exercise can potentially increase the negative effect , blood flow and speed are increased and this causes turbulence around the mech valve damaging the red cells. the change in haemodynamics during the exercise seems to be a factor.
  7. leadville

    Are we high risk?

    Me too, as often as i can, i had my D tested at the end of last summer and i was a little under so i have taken D3 over winter. I have just had another test that came back 168 nmol/L ( 67.2ng/mL )
  8. leadville

    New but Lurking for Months!

    Haha i never noticed it there 😎 i would make a poor Detective
  9. leadville

    New but Lurking for Months!

    Yeah ! And what about your crash helmet Pell, 🤣🤣🤣
  10. leadville

    Staying the Course -- April 21, 2020

    @Superbob Thanks for the article link SB, a very interesting read
  11. leadville

    New but Lurking for Months!

    Welcome @heartlikeawheel This was my biggest driver to go with a Mech valve
  12. leadville

    Protimenow Update

    good luck mate
  13. leadville

    Are we high risk?

  14. leadville

    Protimenow Update

    Best wishes Mate, i hope you feel better soon 👍
  15. leadville

    Hi I’m new artoic valve replacement metal

    @LondonAndy Hi Andy i had my surgery in Manchester, i was given the St Jude card including the serial number before i left the hospital.
  16. leadville

    CoaguChek Error 8?

    yep 99% chance it just needs new batteries, the low battery indicator doesn't need to be flashing either.
  17. leadville

    How much Warfarin Amount do you take?

    15mg a day keeps me mostly at 2.5 - 3.5
  18. leadville

    pop quiz! anyone...

    I have been thinking about this recently and i found this old thread My thoughts however were not the sternal wires or sternum but the mech valve itself, could the mech valve cause surrounding tissue damage ?
  19. leadville

    Cyborg in training

    @johnmarkos it turned out that my personality didn't go well with working 😉 eeeeease back slowly
  20. leadville

    Anyone still have sternum pain one year after surgery?

    @pellicle Hi mate, i was convinced i was having a heart attack the day after a hard bench session. my pain seems to appear around 24hr post activity i find incline bench alleviates the issue along with not going too deep. My wife read an article in a magazine about the cartilage pain then...