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    Dealing With a Loss

    I know I have shared my loss of my furry BFF Dixie. And I have shared about my move and changes. Well, move is halfway done, my grief has steadied a bit. And my new Fur Baby Zoey and I are still bonding very well. My INR has been stable and hope it keeps that way. Hope everyone has a great...
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    Have been stressing for the last few days. Was to have moved into my new one bedroom unit over the weekend. Not happened. The manager waited till the day before he was to leave town to get the electrician in to fix some wiring. And was to have some helpers to help me move a heavy couch and two...
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    Yes I missed my anniversary date. Was busy with Dixie(who recently) passed and getting used to my new BFF Zoey. But so glad everything is going fine at the moment. Getting with a real Cardio in November. Going to change PC cause the other one did not make me feel comfortable. SO otherwise, doing...
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    A New Helper

    I recently lost my Dog Dixie, over a month ago. I want to share my new heart mender, Zoey. She has been a great help and in two days, we will be celebrating one month together. Got her the same place as I got my Dixie, a rescue shelter and we are BFF. She helps keep me going everyday. I just...
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    Dog got Sick

    My dog, Dixie, got sick two weeks ago, took her to the vet. She was not eating for over two days, very weak and looked sad in the eyes. He looked her over, sent her home with antibiotics. Two days later, she was not getting better, got blood work done, inconclusive of what was causing her...
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    Coagulation Reading

    I was freaking out the other day when I went to my lab and got the reading of 3.0. Forgot that was a normal reading. I figured it out yesterday. After having two readings of 1.8, it is a better reading. WOW! And I almost had a salad the day before. LOL! Just had to share. Thanks for listening...
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    Getting to do more work.

    I am getting a Hydro power washer to clean my patio chairs and it is coming in next week. Got on sale through Walmart and the washer is coming between Friday and Monday. Just the the soap and they had to reship it cause the first one was delivered to the wrong address. They got it back and I got...
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    Even Interns makes Mistakes.

    Had to go to a different person to get my type 2 diabetes check up and to get new scripts on my maintenance drugs so I would not run out after the upcoming 4th of July weekend. She got everything but the Metformin, which I only had a week left. I hope to hear about it being sent to my local...
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    Anticoagulation machine

    I have a question for those in the USA and on Medicare. Does Medicare cover Anti coagulation Monitor Machines? Just a knew kid in the Medicare world. Just wondering.
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    Adjusting to new life

    Well, here I am at it again. This time,. adjusting to new life with medicare. Can't get medicaid yet, since I still have to go through the backpay. Was more than I was expecting and can't buy up a lot of stuff. But I will be alright. Just new and will be trying the medicare out on Monday when I...
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    Dropping a line

    It has some time since I have been in here and love the new look. I just wanted to share some good news with everyone. I just found out that I will be on SSDI soon. Just waiting for the official documents to come to me soon. Been a heck of a year waiting for the appeal and to get it done. The...
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    Love the new look

    Just came in and looking around. Love the change. Love that my comments are getting loaded faster. Hope everyone love it. Hugs for today.
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    Back today

    Sorry it has been sometime since I have been here. Been going through some financial stuff and getting onto Medicaid and SSDI. Brother has been trying his best to help me. Dog is doing great. I will try to come on more often. Hanging in there. Went to my SSDI hearing last week and hope to hear...
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    Hole in the Heart

    Had a echo tech try to tell me that everyone is born with a hole in the heart. I wanted to scream at this person that I was not born with that. Anyone ever had a tech state the craziest stuff while getting an echo? I would love to hear from you and the stuff that they try to say.
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    Hole in the Heart

    Had a echo tech try to tell me that everyone is born with a hole in the heart. I wanted to scream at this person that I was not born with that. Anyone ever had a tech state the craziest stuff while getting an echo? I would love to hear from you and the stuff that they try to say.
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    Leanring Experience

    It has been some time since I posted. I will refresh what I need to post. I lost my job back in 12-15-2016. I lost my insurance that day also. My cardio and PCP kept me on my meds for a bit over a year. But three months ago, they had to stop. I was out of warfarin and had to do without. Almost...
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    Well, it has been some time since I have been on the board. Newbies are coming in and glad of that. To let everyone know what happened to me, I lost my job back in December, of 17 years. My supervisor let me know it was not my fault. But it was they wanted a perfect person who made no mistakes...
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    When I hit the enter button on finishing my post, it takes forever for the post to get on the board. I know this has been a problem for a long time, but when can it be totally fixed?
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    September 13 Anniversery Passed and I forgot. LOL!

    Well, I guess I wasa too busy to notice the date came and went. Been busy with the trips to lab for my protime, number have been a little up and down for a couple of months now, hope it get better soon. Had surgery September 13, 2001. Still here and working. Can't wait till the day comes when I...
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    Entered into the 50's club.

    Well, this week on Thursday, was my 50th BD and now officially in the 50's club. I feel real good about reaching this milestone in my life. Had to bypass surgeries and a type 2 diabetic and still living. So I must be doing something right. And so I have reported you all. my friends, past and...