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    Is the boogey man around the corner

    MY fear and I hope insperation for those in the waiting room. Today is my six week new valve birthday. How did I celebrate ? I walked six miles, not fast 17 minutes per mile and that is my same pace I walked at before the surgery up to 23 miles with a couple of breaks. For the newbys Im a long...
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    Im Back!

    It is good to be home from Houston, Even though my first OHS surgery was at the same place, St. Lukes , This time it was much easier, I was up and walking the day after surgery, And my heart is beating now on day 8 perfict. I think pushing for early surgery, before damage and not all surgeons...
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    Surgery tomorow

    Well im leaving this morning for Houston, This afternoon ,I will have all the pre surgery test and later today I will meet with my world class Doctor Igor Gregoric, I have a four hour drive. For you that are not up to date I moved Back home to beautiful east Texas from Panama one year ago...
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    Tuff guy

    Strange, may be not, you be the judge. It is not like me to share this kind of stuff but I got out of bed this morning at four in the morning, having my coffee and I just started crying. Why? Ive been through OHS before six years ago for by pass No proublem. In fact after being released from...
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    Arotic root

    As you know my surgery is May 26th , My question is , at what point do they replace the arotic root. I forgot to ask them . My last Eco said mild arotic root dialation.
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    Leaving the waiting room

    Im happy to report that on Thursday may 26 Dr. Igor Gregoric Texas Heart Institute at St. Lukes in Houston will install my ON_X Arotic Valve. This will be my 2nd OHS. I do not have any symptoms yet. But with my valve area 0.88 and my artery of 4.4 ,I forced the issue. From what I have learned...
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    There holding me back

    Hello to all ; here is my new numbers from the last ECO ascending Arota now 4.4 seven months ago 4.1 valve area now 0.88 before 0.97 peak gradient now 67 mean 36 mmhg before peak 55 mean 29 mmhg. I still do not have any severe symptoms unless you count that I no longer walk , two years before...
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    Need help with reading Echo

    OK For those that understand My Echo please tell me what you think. Should I still be in the waiting room as Im still walking 1 to 2 hours a day or should I go to cleveland for a second openion, How long will it be ? your best guess before they will do the surgery. The left Ventrical is...
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    Ken from Texas Insurance for Pre condition

    Hi folks, Just wanted you to know because I was living in Panama, now Texas. I moved back for my up and comming valve replacement. Have no Insurance, But starting Dec 1 two weeks from now I will be covered by it a program that will pay for my surgery if need be the day it goes into...
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    one year up date from Panama

    Hi Folks ; Well it has been one year now. New up date is I have moved to Texas four months ago. I just wanted to be closer to Saint Lukes. Im still walking six miles a day I have lost 24 lbs . As you recall I want to go to Spain and walk 500 miles across Spain . El Camino De Santiago. But the...
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    Lots of Foreplay some Kisses but

    But no surgery, After my cath yesterday . The cardiologist and surgeon decided no go. They say keep doing what im doing until I show symptions. Best guess 6 months to 4 years. 4 years [Sure] any way I tried to get this done . Before the cath I was asked when I wanted surgery? my reply , how...
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    Pro active fast track

    O K FOLKS IM still in Texas . After one week to sort all this out Ive decided to follow my gut feelings and just get this behind me. The cardiologist wants to see me every three months and says he thinks I can go another year maybe two, the surgeon say 1 year .I have decided not to waite, Why...
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    Houston Results for Ken

    Interpretation Summary The left ventricle is mildly dilated.there is moderate septal hypertrophy. Inferolateral wall is thin and akinetic. remaining wall segments are normal. left ventricular systolic function is low normal. EF (BP) = 50% The transmitral spectral Doppler flow pattern is...
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    O K FOLKS I have appointment tomorow with the cardiologist next day the surgeon I think they will do another sonigram and a cath later this week . So i will know more later Ken
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    Emergency help needed

    eI need your help Please Im Ken Taylor . you can read my post in per-surgery. Heres the problem . Im worse that I thought. I and my latin wife went to the Panama american embassy today. And they refused her a visa to go to the Texas Heart Institute with me. Ive had by-pass surgery 5 years ago...
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    insight needed please

    OK, Im 60 years old, Had 5 by pases 5 years ago @tx heart institute, Ive was prepairing to walk 500 miles across Spain next mo. Ive been walking 12 miles a day . My pace was 17 min a mile in hills up and down I feel great. My long walks were 22 miles every two weeks. So I went to the heart doc...