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    Low INR question

    Hello everyone ! I just hit one year post AvR with my onyx valve. This was my second valve, the first being tissue. 3 months ago I developed a DVT in my upper extremities. My INR at the time of the clot was 2.8 ( per lab draw). My clot was likely due to my pacemaker lead, as the clot formed...
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    2nd AVR rough recovery

    Good morning everyone! I am writing this from my hospital chair as I recover from my AVR replacement and ascending aorta replacement last Monday. First valve was 2005 Edwards bovine tissue valve. Made it 13 years and replaced with a onyx mechanical valve and graft. So so far my recovery has...
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    Tissue longevity / endurance changing

    Hi everyone I was a member about 10 plus years ago, but lost all my login info. It's been a while. I had AVR with a tissue valve 10 years ago, when I was 25. I had a bicuspid valve and ascending aortic aneurysm. For 10 years I've run, and lifted weights. Ive felt great. I did a few half...