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    Another INR question

    Not all antibiotics will affect your INR immediately either. With me if I am on them, I usually check my INR on 3 and 10 days after starting to take them. Some, such as amoxicillin and Cipro, I now know have no effect on my INR, so I don't bother to test more frequently.
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    Two mechanical valves and had a bad head injury

    It's great to hear she's on the road to recovery.
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    INR management through a remote service

    My coumadin clinic used to be free and then started charging. I stopped calling in my results unless I was out of range. Then I stopped calling if I was out of range. They discovered me after about 18 months and told me I must call in at least monthly or they would no longer have me as a...
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    INR has been 1.77 for two weeks...

    Avoid Mustard? Hell NO. I have at least 4 kinds in my fridge at any one time. It has no effect on one's INR. A hot dog, ham sandwich, bratwurst or baked beans w/o mustard is "like a day w/o sunshine." :) If you eat tumeric, maybe it affects your INR, but as a spice, I think not. Well you...
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    Staying the Course -- August 11, 2020

    I am sensitive to poison ivy too. A doctor helps, the prescription steroids can really work. It's not your sweat that spreads it, but something you touch. Poison ivy allergy comes from the oil on the leaves and it is not water soluble. That's why you need a good soap to get rid of it. For...
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    No change

    Do they know why you have stenosis? With me it was due to a bicuspid aortic valve. Per my cardio and surgeon they said stenosis associated with a BAV can go along quite fine for years but then changes rather quickly. I went from "oh you have a heart murmur let's see why", to an echo every 5...
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    Tissue vs mechanical

    I was exactly 55 when I got my mechanical valve. I wanted to avoid a second operation. I do not like operations. Every one I've ever had was a success, but not a 100% success. I've had a cousin and father die due to medical mistakes. It's real. Health insurance in the US is dependent...
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    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    I would suggest you should ask your doctor if the difference is significant for your valve type and your INR range. You should ask your meter manufacturer if that difference is "typical" or within product tolerances. I have a target INR range of 2-2.5. We all have a target range. We are all...
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    INR has been 1.77 for two weeks...

    Avoid Ketchup? Hell NO. I have no problem with catsup and my INR and I use it as a condiment about 1-4 times a week. Some days even in large quantities (french fries and onion rings.) Other times it's resturant-made "artisanal" ketchup :)
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    Two mechanical valves and had a bad head injury

    Sounds real scary. I don't know much of anything, but I will pray. I agree with Vitdoc, make sure the two groups of doctors talk to each other. I had a friend who wasn't on warfarin but had the same problem from a head injury. It took quite a while for the blood to dissipate, but he had no...
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    Do you take amoxicillin @ dental visit?

    That's what the current guidance says. However my cardiologist said he prefers me to take antibiotics before any dental procedure, so I take it before fillings as well. My dentist agrees with my cardiologist and wants me to take it for any procedure.
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    What do you think about my GP’s recommendation re Warfarin dosage! Please advise. Thanks.

    I have a Coaguchek, you are supposed to take the first drop. If your INR is at 2 and should be 2.5-3.5, you should have been told to increase your warfarin. This is what I would have been told by my clinic until I got permission to self medicate. Now, in the same situation, I would have...
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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    Seven years ago I read that in patients >70yo, about 25% of tissue valve recipients wind up on warfarin for a non-valve related reason. But that was probably before eliquis came out.
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    Foldax valve trials

    As far as I know, there is no diet that will slow or eliminate valvular calcification. Some believe the mediterranean diet, fish oils and vitamins help but it is no clinically proven. In my case, as soon as my calcified BAV was replaced, my cardiologist no longer recommended the fish oil or...
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    Staying the Course -- July 28, 2020

    What brand of hearing aids did you chose? My DW needs them too and I'm on the train for them in the future. It's a hard choice to make.
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    Second opinion?

    I got three opinions on the need for surgery. First from my cardiologist, second from my surgeon and third from my general practitioner. Never ever ever let someone cut you w/o two opinions from doctors who know what is needed for your condition. Three is even better. Never ever ever let...
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    Time of day to test

    I te It doesn't really make a difference at what time you test except to hit the right week :) If you get dosing instructions from a clinic or doctor, then it's always good to do your INR test at a time (e.g. in the morning) that will allow you to change that day's dose...however if you...
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    Two Weeks Remain

    Good luck, it'll be a piece of cake :)
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    Engineers find thinner tissues in replacement heart valves create problematic flutter

    To me it's not really new that something thinner flaps more in turbulence than something thicker. You can see that w/o a computer model by watching different flags on flag poles. However, in the absence of turbulence, the different flags behave the same. Models do not equal reality because...
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    Ibuprofen okay with new tissue valve?

    From the little I know, a tissue valve does not preclude use of ibuprofen. A mechanical valve and warfarin, mean no chronic use of ibuprofen. That's what I have and I can take up to the maximum over the counter dose for 2 months. Then I have to stop. You may want to ask your doctor why you...