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    Nearly Ten and Thirty-Four

    Adding this update about four months after thread originated: Shortly after I began this thread, I became ill and quickly got worse. My valve was failing and beginning to tear apart and I was in heart failure with severe pulmonary hypertension. About three months after this thread began, I...
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    Chronic Dacryocystitis and Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes?

    Post Edited :)
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    Book: Marfan Does Not Mean Martian

    On a local news station this morning,, there was an interview entitled, "Living With Marfan." A young man from San Diego County, Elias Clark Turner, who has written a book on Marfan Syndrome, was interviewed. He had been diagnosed with Marfan as a preschooler. His...
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    Black Licorice Consumer Update from FDA 25 October 2011 "As it turns out, you really can overdose on candy—or, more precisely, black licorice. Days before the biggest candy eating holiday of the year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encourages moderation if you...
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    Experiences with Calcium Channel Blockers for Hypertension?

    My cardiologist may change my hypertension medication from an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker to a Calcium Channel Blocker. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge or opinion that they care to share about this class of medication? Thank you :smile2:
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    Salted Peanut Chews

    Here's a delicious recipe that I'm preparing for friends today: SALTED PEANUT CHEWS Combine: 1 package yellow cake mix 1/2 cup soft butter 1 egg Press into ungreased 9x13 pan. Bake 12-18 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove from oven. Cover with 3 cups mini-marshmallows. Return this to hot...
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    Eight Plus Twenty-four More Years -- And Counting!

    So, combined, that makes thirty-two more years and counting :smile2: But eight years ago tonight, I was in a Los Angeles hotel room. There was a tribute to the late John Ritter on television that night. Nearly a month prior, he had sadly died from a dissected aortic aneurysm. Sobering food...
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    Connection Between Calcified Valves and Arthritis?

    Is there a connection between calcified valves and arthritis? From what this non-medical person found during some web searches, apparently there can be a connection, though I don't know how common it might be. Has this subject been discussed recently? Background: I have a relative who...
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    Health Question About New Airport Screenings

    Just a health question -- not a political question please -- but does anyone really know whether the new whole body scanner machines at the airports are completely proven safe or not, and up to how many times can a person safely be subjected to those scans? I was flying commercially last week...
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    Site Didn't Link?

    I posted a site address that didn't link. Help please? Edit - scratch that; I didn't put the "www." in the address :redface2: :redface2: :redface2:
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    FDA Investigates Pacemaker & Remote Control Malfunctions
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    Toprol XL - Did you ever get a sore throat with it?

    I was just put on a generic for Toprol XL and suddenly have a strange kind of sore throat. I can't seem to find whether this is a possible side effect or not. I've only taken it for two days. Anyone have a similar experience and if so did it go away, or did you find any relief by switching...
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    Cold Cucumber Soup

    My mother has been making this all summer, due to her garden producing an abundance of cucumbers. She said it's delicious. She said it freezes well too and it just needs another whip in the blender after it's thawed. Makes 8 servings. COLD CUCUMBER SOUP 1 bunch...
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    Algorithm Algorithms

    I was searching for something recently and stumbled across some other information about algorithms for valve selection. I found it very interesting and thought some other members here might also. Here are the links, which I hope you will find helpful...
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    Calcium Supplement Use and Increased Risk of Heart Attack

    FYI " . . . modest increases in risk . . . "
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    Foods for Healthy Gums and Hearts

    Saw an interesting article a few days ago that stated, "People with gum disease, which affects up to 50 percent of American adults, are twice as likely to suffer from heart problems." It also mentioned that last year a major heart journal and a major periodontal journal simultaneously published...
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    Forum Manners?

    Evidently there's a thing called netiquette. Forum manners are included within that. For an example of forum netiquette, I discovered by researching forum etiquette online that ALL CAPS ARE CONSIDERED SCREAMING. Interesting. It does sound like SCREAMING when you read it. Anyway, further...
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    Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR) Procedure "The Miami Method"

    Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR) Procedure "The Miami Method" I was researching a heart topic yesterday and stumbled across this interesting pdf article with illustrations and detail about Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement, something called "The Miami Method," on the...
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    PH Alkaline Diet?

    [Edit - I have later realized that my title could be misleading; I can't change the title but perhaps it should have read pH Alkaline Diet?] Have any of you any experience you could share in regard to an alkaline diet? I really know very little about it but an acquaintance is pursuing a diet...
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    Questions about Pulmonary Hypertension

    There have been a few interesting threads here recently about PH. I tucked a few points away in my mind. Wondering. But didn't really think it applied to me. Anyway, I finally dug out my bicuspid replacement operative report, and some of the test reports from that time. I hadn't realized...