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  1. catwoman

    Husband gets Micra AV pacemaker

    My husband got his first (and probably only) pacemaker on Monday, Feb. 17, at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth TX. He got a Medtronic Micra AV. He was the first person to get this new PM in the Fort Worth area. I posted about this on my FB page, but did not mention my...
  2. catwoman

    Emergency surgery

    If you are on warfarin, consider the chance that you might face emergency surgery some day. I went through that last weekend. I had a colonoscopy June 7. Became nauseated during prep night before, vomited for 6 hours, developed pain. When I reported for c-scope (my 3rd), I mentioned the 6 hours...
  3. catwoman

    Smart GI doctor

    I saw my gastroenterologist today and set up my every-5-year colonoscopy in 2 weeks. He noted that I am on warfarin for a mechanical valve and he told me to continue the warfarin (just like in 2008). I reminded him that in 2008, he had me drop my INR to 2.5 (my range is 2.5-3.5). He asked what...
  4. catwoman

    Heading to Kitchener 5-24

    I am heading to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, for the Memorial Day weekend. Am trying to find a list of possible restaurants to try out. Will only be there 2 nights (Friday & Saturday). I am going there for a cat show in Cambridge. I am usually judging at shows, and I'm looking forward to being...
  5. catwoman

    Al Capshaw??

    I haven't seen any posts by Al Capshaw in a while. I looked under Community and he hasn't been on since July 14. I hope he's OK. He's always been a great source of information. Has anyone heard from him?
  6. catwoman

    Dust growing here?

    Just curious -- haven't seen much activity here or at anticoagulation forum lately. So I got out my broom to sweep away the spiderwebs. Guess this means that no one's having problems. Which is great!
  7. catwoman

    Floods in Queensland?

    Just wondering how those in Oz are faring with the flooding. I've been reading posts on a cat-related forum about folks down there...
  8. catwoman

    Don't ignore health care!

    If you're without insurance, please don't ignore health care. Make a phone call to the nearest medical society, public hospital, medical school, an AARP or other senior citizens group, etc., to find out if/when there's a health fair offering free screenings or some at greatly reduced rates. A...
  9. catwoman

    Valve turns 7!

    My St. Jude will turn 7 years old tomorrow (Thursday, June 24). I'll celebrate while in Minneapolis for a convention. I've joked to co-workers that I'm taking my St. Jude home for a family reunion (St. Jude's headquarters are in nearby St. Paul). My husband had his 3rd anniversary of his MV...
  10. catwoman

    INR-cranberry juice study

    Enjoy your cranberry juice cocktail (or cosmopolitan for that matter!) without worrying about it wrecking your INR. This is an excerpt from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: This is based on a total of...
  11. catwoman

    Iris forums or websites?

    Have been searching for forums for iris gardeners. Have several websites of iris gardens (Cooley's and Schreiner's, both in Oregon, and Argyle Acres here in TX) bookmarked, but I'm looking for forums where I can learn more about irises themselves. I have tall beareded iris and at least one or...
  12. catwoman

    Emergency stash came in handy!

    Last Friday I drove to Dallas straight from work (in Fort Worth). I had taken my last dose of warfarin that morning in my 7-day pillbox, meant to refill it from one of my extra stashes in my desk at work. Things were hectic at work -- my only co-worker was out due to his wife having surgery --...
  13. catwoman

    ? on Plavix prescribing information

    Would Bristol-Myers Squibb have to apply to the U.S. FDA to change Plavix's prescribing information if/when the FDA approves use as an anticoagulant instead of warfarin. BTW, that's the same pharmaceutical that currently owns the TM for Coumadin. An inquiring mind wants to know.
  14. catwoman

    One less cat

    I didn't know how to title this thread; I'm not a devotee of "rainbow bridge." Last night, we lost our 14YO Abyssinian, Fred, after dealing with renal failure for about 6 months. I had decided to call our vet Monday morning to make that last appointment to take him in Monday afternoon. But...
  15. catwoman

    Duh -- Rx info sheets!

    My PCP ran a vitamin D test during my annual 1 week ago, and his nurse called this week to say I'm extremely low and need to take vitamin D. I thought, OK, I'll go to Walmart or somewhere and get a bottle. Nope, gotta take 50,000 units one day a week X 8 weeks then get retested. She called in...
  16. catwoman

    Can repaired aneurysm go?

    Friend had an aneurysm repaired in mid-1999. Not sure, but I think it was in ascending aorta. In fall 2009, she had descending aneurysm repaired. Late Thursday night, she had 10-hour surgery on what I was told was the 1st site. Is in one of the top 5 cardiac hospitals in the U.S. Right now...
  17. catwoman

    Where's Colleen S?

    Has anyone heard anything from Colleen S? She had posted something about her husband, but I have not seen anything from her lately............... Am kinda concerned.
  18. catwoman

    Cat photo cutline contest!!

    A friend sent me this photo of one of her cats. Friend lives in the Northeast, has Abyssinians. Photo was taken right before Christmas, following a 20-inch snowfall. She opened her door and this cat raced out (well, her name IS Racy) and played in the snow for about a half hour. What do you...
  19. catwoman

    Colored dogs beside screen name?

    An inquiring mind wants to know: What's the significance of the colored dots beside our screen name? Any rhyme or reason to the color?
  20. catwoman

    REAL pet peeves

    I've been an animal lover all my life -- dogs, parakeets, bunnies, turtles and, of course, cats. When you share your home with animals, boy do they become another member of the family -- warts and all. Thought I'd invite the rest of y'all to list your "pet" peeves! Here are some of mine: 1...