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  1. catwoman

    Paravalvular leak

    I have a paravalvular leak. It was detected about 2 years after my MVR (2003). After that cardiologist retired, I switched practices around. 2008 and after an echo there, the new cardio ordered a TEE. He said that it was stable and could remain stable for years. I have not had a TEE repeat since...
  2. catwoman

    Question Mitral Valve

    Do you have a list of the tests she has undergone since her valve surgery and what the results were? Also, who ran or ordered the tests (cardiologist or family doctor). And specifically how does she feel? Does she feel better than before her surgery? Is she out of breath? How does she feel when...
  3. catwoman

    MItral Valve Repair

    Calguy, Has your wife had a consult with doctors at either the Mayo or Cleveland clinic or elsewhere? I believe one of these two has a satellite location in Arizona, but either of these well-respected institutions can handle consultations based on lab and test results. I assume that her primary...
  4. catwoman


    My husband and I had appointments for May 5. We got a call 2 weeks before that they were reopening and had to reschedule us. Earliest date they can get us in at the same time is Sept. 30. My husband no longer drives, so I have scheduled dentals at the same time, different hygienists.
  5. catwoman

    Spike for no reason?

    A reminder: One out-of-range INR is not a trend. My cardiologist and I agree with that. He says 2 out-of-range INRs are a trend; I lean toward 3. I prefer to ride out an out-of-range INR trend as long as it’s not a drastic trend. With almost 17 years of being on warfarin and 16 1/2 of...
  6. catwoman

    Test Strip Supplier?

    I buy my strips on eBay. Bought 2 boxes of 24s recently for about $250 total. Bought 1 box (exp. 4/2021, I think) and then saw a little better deal 2 weeks later on another with same exp. date so I bought that one, too. I record my results in a notebook (have almost 17 years of results). I do...
  7. catwoman

    Home monitoring for coumadin. I have a mechanical heart valve

    Sheena, I presume by “all numbers” match, you are including the code #. That is the important key here. If the code number is the same on each box of 6 strips, you only need 1 chip for your machine. That chip # should be the same as for each box of strips. I have always bought boxes of 24 or 48...
  8. catwoman

    Anyone else been told they are at higher risk if they get Covid-19 being on warfarin?

    I’ve packed copies of our MPOAs and DPOs, medical directives, HIPPAs, lists of meds, etc., in my overnight bag and my husband’s TravelPro. My husband has had several emergency hospitalizations, and having his forms readily available has helped immensely. Also helps to have names & phone numbers...
  9. catwoman

    Warfarin - shortage?

    I have encountered this situation several times in the almost 17 years I’ve been on warfarin. I was told at Walmart that it only had 20 or whatever the number of tablets in stock and would order the rest. I was able to get a partial RX that day and pick up the rest the next day. I only get...
  10. catwoman

    Mandatory in-patient rehabilitation?!

    The roommate is “sundowning,” and I can’t imagine any medical facility not giving a dementia patient a room to themselves. And asking for a family member to stay, at least at night. Two years ago my husband, who has Alzheimer’s, required hand surgery and, being a heart patient, was on a cardiac...
  11. catwoman

    Husband gets Micra AV pacemaker

    Protime, I found one medical paper published in April 2018 about the single-chamber Micra that gave a $10,000 cost for that device. That paper involved the first implantations in Hawaii. There is no retrieval system for the Micra (or Micra AV, I am sure). St. Jude Medical has a leadless...
  12. catwoman

    Husband gets Micra AV pacemaker

    ProTime, I haven’t seen figures on what a Micra AV goes for. My husband is a retired Texas state employee (higher education) and insurance (a Medicare Advantage group plan) should cover everything 100%. When we get that info, I will post it.
  13. catwoman

    Husband gets Micra AV pacemaker

    Catie, We were at El Fenix on Camp Bowie Blvd. in Fort Worth. Yum!
  14. catwoman

    Husband gets Micra AV pacemaker

    My husband got his first (and probably only) pacemaker on Monday, Feb. 17, at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth TX. He got a Medtronic Micra AV. He was the first person to get this new PM in the Fort Worth area. I posted about this on my FB page, but did not mention my...
  15. catwoman

    Preparing to go to the FDA

    Protimenow, was this a lab with locations across the U.S.? If so, which one is it?
  16. catwoman

    I can't get life insurance anymore after my surgery. Suggestions.

    (Sorry for the length of this reply.) On body donations: Condition of the body, some causes of death can rule out a body donation. You may have already signed paperwork with a willed body program and then death occurs so far away –- perhaps while vacationing overseas — that body donations plans...
  17. catwoman

    85 Silent Migraines Since Surgery 10/2018

    My father never mentioned his ophthalmic migraines until I told him about mine after my MVR. That led me to believe they weren’t frequent. My father never had OHS, although I believe he once said his cardio suggested a pacemaker. He died of complications from Alzheimer’s. Mine are sporadic...
  18. catwoman

    85 Silent Migraines Since Surgery 10/2018

    I started getting the auras 2 days post-op and have had them on and off for 16 1/2 years. Surgeon didn’t know what I was talking about. I asked my eye doctor, who said there wasn’t much that could be done since they don’t progress into a migraine headache. A friend who was an optometrist and...
  19. catwoman

    CoaguChek error 8

    I had an Error code 8 pop up about 3 weeks ago. Battery power was at 50% or so. I took batteries out and put same back in and was back in business. Several days later the same thing happened. So I replaced the batteries. Have not had an error code since. I did note in my INR binder notebook...