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  1. leadville

    Could someone please read my ecg

    Basically yes, but if you bathe the body will absorb what you need. You can OD by taking too many supplements and one of the symptoms is an irregular heart beat. The electrolytes were a long shot but still worth considering, plus Sodium. With the greatest respect I only say this given your...
  2. leadville

    Could someone please read my ecg

    hi, bit off field but do you exercise ? has your exercise increased recently ? the reason i ask is that it may or may not be an electrolyte issue. Its a simple way to rule it out by taking a high bioavailable magnesium and potassium supplement . It may be worth a try even if you do not...
  3. leadville

    Surgery date

    Good luck with it all, i always say this to people in the waiting room ; enjoy it and drink in the experience.... it really is a great life experience, both the highs and the lows, and there will be plenty of both. try to keep in the moment and absorb it best wishes :)
  4. leadville


    Hi Paul, the mechanical valves do murmur by nature, the blood flow is different from a natural valve. I understand that the surgeon knows his stuff but it may be just noise and nothing sinister The positives are that the murmur hasn't been mentioned before A murmur also doesn't mean it isnt...
  5. leadville

    6 Years today

    Happy Anniversary Doug
  6. leadville

    Staying the Course -- 06/10/2019

    whenever i have done a lot of planks my lower abs, psoas and external obliques have always been sore/tight. It definitely hits the core, jeff cavaliere is a super knowledgeable guy i have watched lots of his videos he fixed a damaged muscle in my forearm, i learned gripping the bar thumb-less...
  7. leadville

    May have forgotten warfarin for two days

    I knew there would be a reason :) Thanks @pellicle , great reply as usual with plenty of good and new ( to me ) information And yes it certainly helped (y)
  8. leadville

    May have forgotten warfarin for two days

    Hi Pell, hope you are well (y) I don't take aspirin but i might now consider it..... May i ask as to why you take 150mg every other day as opposed to a steady daily dose ?
  9. leadville


    Hi at @Protimenow I cycle a lot and have been on warfarin 9 years, the knee pain and bruising may be a patella tracking issue especially if you over did it. I only mention this as i never bruise from pedalling...... The Quads can tighten and force the kneecap slightly off. if you stretch out...
  10. leadville

    Staying the Course -- 05/20/2019

    I'm happy that you are happy with the new plan SB Hopefully we will see no change in the next 6 months 👍
  11. leadville

    Does an active lifestyle decrease the longevity of a bovine aortic valve?

    Very interesting video It endorses the idea on weekly testing, those statistics are impressive. I declare my Bias for mechanical as i chose that but the stats all seem favourable. I was surprised by the amount of warfarin therapy in the Bio valves if you give it enough time
  12. leadville

    Warfarin and Asprin

    I agree with Andy, it's a good starting point Consistency with the dose makes perfect sense
  13. leadville

    coming up on AVR #2...

    you may develop an aneurysm as you were born BAV we do not wish to worry you, it's worth knowing the association with Bicuspid valve and aneurysms . Knowledge is king good luck with everything
  14. leadville

    coming up on AVR #2...

    @Chris Sorry for the delay in my reply ...... uk time Yes the aneurysm is worth a consideration, i'm glad you do not have one and i hope you never develop one, mine was BAV Thanks to @pellicle and @Warrick for supplying the information (y)
  15. leadville

    coming up on AVR #2...

    Hi, your bio mentions nothing regarding an aneurysm There is the possibility of one, it's worth factoring this into the equation for potential future surgery. I hope this never happens but it's worth a thought The more OHS the trickier it becomes All the best
  16. leadville

    Staying the Course -- 04/24/2019

    Sorry to hear this SB I thought we were home and clear with this
  17. leadville

    3 Years on Mechanical Valve and Acending Aorta Replacement

    @maggiemay Firstly, welcome and secondly, brilliant , 26 year with the st Jude & age 86 i love hearing stuff like this :cool:
  18. leadville

    Ats Ap Valve in young adults

    the reason i mention old data is that an implant today can't truly be compared with old methods. the bias isn't me being suspicious just logical. I have a st jude, the info i posted is from st jude. i like what is says about my valve, i should make 80 ish however i take that with caution as...
  19. leadville

    Ats Ap Valve in young adults

    In fact, there is some excellent data about life expectancy after heart valve replacement surgery from St. Jude Medical, one of the leading heart valve manufacturers. According to its research, “the mean age of patients presenting for valve surgery is increasing, as is the life expectancy...