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  1. Warrick

    Auckland City Admissions

    You feel like youv been hit with a wrecking ball for the first few weeks so that should slow him down :-) I was working on my motorbike after 3-4 weeks albeit slowly, I wasnt told any driving restrictions persay as I had heard they took your licence but that never happened, It is meant to be 6...
  2. Warrick

    Auckland City Admissions

    Yep I know what you mean with the roads, I went home after 5 days so was still a bit shell shocked so don’t really remember much of the ride home, just discomfort not pain but had a cushion between chest and seat belt to hug. Also the first night home when I tried laying down in bed to sleep...
  3. Warrick

    Small magnets and mechanical valves

    I was sleeping on a magnetic underlay but it was hard to get up in the morning...:-) (joke...cringe) (slept on a magnetic underlay for 2 yrs with mechanical valve) Before I had my sternum wires out I could get a fridge magnet to stick
  4. Warrick

    Auckland City Admissions

    Hi Rainbow, welcome to a fellow kiwi. I had my surgery in Christchurch which is an hours drive from where I live in Ashburton so can’t help too much, but I was admitted the day before I think it was 10am roughly, and then hurry up and wait like an airport. Was up at 6am for all the presurgery...
  5. Warrick

    Wafarin and shaving?

    I get more cuts and scratches when Im hacking thru blackberry bushes cutting firewood than I ever have shaving, Whereas the dentist antibiotics are a given as theres inumerable nasties in your mouth 😀
  6. Warrick

    Guinness world record

    I remember reading somewhere St Jude started making bileaflet valves in the mid to late 70s but they weren’t happy with the quality of the pyrolitic carbon available at the time so started manfacturing it themselves. I think they will give the sherman tanks a good run 😜
  7. Warrick


    Hi Paul, do you know what size valve you have?
  8. Warrick

    Guinness world record

    Those Starr Edwards valves are nothing short of amazing IMO , if you read the comments in the below there are a few Starr Edwards over 40+ yrs and a comment from I suspect Dick 9yrs ago. As well as several other valves of different styles over 30 yrs, and a gentleman who has had 8 valve...
  9. Warrick

    May have forgotten warfarin for two days

    Thanks @vivekd I was Just curious as in the first few months of starting warfarin when I was in the progressively increasing dose phase I went as low as inr 1.5/1.6 a few times but never had lovenox
  10. Warrick


    If I drink 3-4 355ml beverages at around 4.5% alcohol volume every day for 3-4 days my inr goes up over 4.0. I dont drink often so it is easy to identify this as a factor. Thats why everyone is different. You are absoutely right there is a ot of mis information, and like a lot of myths the truth...
  11. Warrick

    May have forgotten warfarin for two days

    @vivekd What do you call too low before you use the lovenox injections?
  12. Warrick


    I don’t think the legitimacy of the reference should be in question, rather different things effect people differently, look at grapefruit, Ive read here people eating it with no issue and others their INR goes sky high, same goes with alcohol.
  13. Warrick

    Guess its now or never .. From Mechanical to Bovine

    Hi Harriet, sorry to hear of your mothers passing. Hope your surgery and recovery goes to plan. So quite a list there of issues, if you dont mind me asking what are they planning to do in surgery? Will they replace 3 valves at once ?
  14. Warrick

    BAV -- poll on passing it on

    Thanks for the backfill @Duffey. My daughter is fine but my boys are extremely tall with long limbs, and one crowded teeth, which I believe are some of the indicators for marfans.
  15. Warrick

    BAV -- poll on passing it on

    I was reading up on Turners syndrome, reading some of the cases breaks my heart. But anyhow I came across this “zombie” poll from 2006 Thought it should continue especially for us newer members with BAV and children. My 3 kids have no BAV but I think my 2 boys have some signs of related conditions.
  16. Warrick

    Anti Inflammatory Options While On Warfarin?

    From what I have seen myself topical and oral doses of the same medication can have different effects and in some cases which I wouldn’t have expected as its only going on your skin topical medications have a much greater effect. So if one version doesnt have an effect dont just expect the other...
  17. Warrick

    How to Lower Cholesterol on Warfarin?

    I had never given it much research and if its been discussed here before then much attention either but that Psyllium fibre looks promising and you can buy 1 kg of columbian bam bam 😜aka Psyllium powder here for $25 From Gordos link- daily dose of about 10 grams of psyllium husk lowered...
  18. Warrick

    How to Lower Cholesterol on Warfarin?

    What about conventional methods like atorvastatin? Mines highish even on that stuff and they tried doubling my dose to 80mg but the side effects werent worth it, so I went back to 40mg. Just tiredness no muscle pains. We have a breakfast cereal here with added plant sterols that is meant to...
  19. Warrick

    Stop sending me Emails

    No its better!!!!
  20. Warrick

    Warfarin and Asprin

    If you read this from the European Heart Journal you might take from it that a well managed INR is by far the best protection against an elevated bleeding risk, with or without aspirin