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  1. Duffey

    Thanks! It is good to see so many old, familiar faces around here! We are blessed to have a...

    Thanks! It is good to see so many old, familiar faces around here! We are blessed to have a forum to share our experiences and friendships on.
  2. Duffey

    Surgery date

    Glad you’ve got a date!
  3. Duffey


    So when IS the echo? I think we’re all interested at this point!
  4. Duffey

    Valve Selection Redux

    Another option: go tissue and later undergo ablation to deal with your afib. My husband is having ablation done in a few weeks so he can cease the Eliquist and heart meds (no valve problem for him) before undergoing major surgery this Fall.
  5. Duffey

    How long till your back to normal?

    Lack of sleep was the pits. I slept in a recliner once I got home, avr on Tuesday and discharged on Saturday, for a week to ten days. It took another 2-3 weeks to be able to sleep on my right side, longer for the left. I’d say that I felt back to normal at three months.
  6. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- 06/17/2019

    It looks beautiful, Gordo. Enjoy!
  7. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- 06/17/2019

    Superbob, I’m glad you’ve got your date (as long as you have to have one). September 18 is our eldest son’s birthday, an auspicious day in our family, so I’m confident that the 18th will mark the beginning of a new and improved life for you and yours.
  8. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- 06/17/2019

    Way to go!
  9. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- 06/17/2019

    I’m glad that you started the thread when you did, Superbob, because I was just getting ready to post on last week’s. I received my exercise resistance bands and I’ve started using them. What a workout! I am happy to report that I learned about them here. Thanks Gordo! Hubby’s chemical stress...
  10. Duffey

    Guinness world record

    It never occurred to me that the picture was Bob Baker aka RCB, and I was thinking of Bob when I read the article. You mentioned that all RCB’s posts had been deleted. He insisted upon it when he left the forum. I’m not sure why, but he was a great source not only for information but also for...
  11. Duffey

    Adjusting to new life

    Glad to hear that you’re adjusting and looking forward to your updates!
  12. Duffey

    Volunteer Roll Call

    Good job! I know that Superbob is also active in a Mended Hearts group and has mentioned it in posts, but I don’t recall a specific thread on the subject.
  13. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- 06/10/2019

    Gordo60’s, I am happy to report that I have finally received the exercise bands. I hope to read the accompanying booklet this afternoon and get started with them tonight.
  14. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- 06/10/2019

    I asked my DH why they would order the tests, and he said that it’s now a component of “best practice” criteria for the hospital where he works and are ordered for all undergoing valve replacement. So it seems like it’s possibly one of those silly things you often encounter these days in the...
  15. Duffey

    Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation

    I have a trace reported on almost every echo I’ve had since my replacement in 2005.
  16. Duffey

    Staying the Course -- 06/10/2019

    Bob, I would expect an explanation from the doctor who ordered the test as to why it was necessary before I would agree to it. I routinely said no to a TEE pre-AVR, so I have some experience with what you’re dealing with. I never did agree to have one! The PFT I had was after my valve...
  17. Duffey

    Your advice is sought!

    Are you considering the change of cardio and surgeon due to insurance network coverage? I would ask Northwestern who they recommend. Another thought, maybe find a new cardiologist and keep the cardio thoracic surgeon in Chicago (insurance willing). Is Denver an option? I understand your...
  18. Duffey

    6 Years today

    Congratulations, Doug, on number six!