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  1. Freddie

    Wow Deja Vu

    Great idea, like the old Chat line the forum use to have. Who else is on board?
  2. Freddie

    Wow Deja Vu

    Love you too Duffy......miss you.
  3. Freddie

    Wow Deja Vu

    Really good to see/hear from you Wayne. I still lurk around checking out whats new around here. Nice to see the "alumni's" pop in to say "hi" to an awesome guy like yourself.
  4. Freddie

    The Future of

    Hi Angie and welcome. Not sure how to explain this or fix it, but my shortcut to this forum doesn't work. Although, if I click on "what's new" the 'set-up' works. I've tried refreshing, rebooting laptop...didn't help. My short-cut used to bring up the forums/threads.
  5. Freddie

    Smaller gauge lancet (bigger needle diameter)

    FWIW, I've looked into a smaller/larger lancet for the Softclix, Roche/Coagulachek XS only comes in a 21 gauge. I suppose one could try a diabetic lancet....dunno After washing my hands, I wrap two fingers in the damp paper towel until the skin gets wrinkled/pruned looking, it works for me for...
  6. Freddie

    Microbleeds during heart surgery

    So do most ppl lol, it's all good and hopefully it put a smile on your face
  7. Freddie

    Microbleeds during heart surgery

    At the time I just assumed the asshole female was a neurologist, which is why my GP referred me to another one to get a second opinion. Thank - you for the compliment on the age hahaha, but soon to be 8yrs older than yourself. But hey, I've always wanted a younger brother since I'm the...
  8. Freddie

    Microbleeds during heart surgery

    I believe they found 4 or 5 microbleeds and no I don't have any symptoms. The reason for seeing a neurologist....a long story. I was experiencing a constant dizziness, CT and MRI was done within the hospital and the results where given to some asshole female neurologist in the hospital who said...
  9. Freddie

    Microbleeds during heart surgery

    Sorry for the misspelling - I should know better than to respond to a post 10min after waking up. Yes Tom in MO it was my neurologist who told me this and my family doctor also confirmed that the mirco-bleeds were cause by the by-pass-machine. Again: yes I did have a MRI done and a CT with dye...
  10. Freddie

    Microbleeds during heart surgery

    YES! I was told by my neologist that these microbleeds are very common after being on the by-pass machine and they are nothing to worry about and that he was not concerned about them.
  11. Freddie


    Please don't say you've given up on foods that you once enjoyed. Don't let warfarin rule your life. Being consistent with food and drink is the key. As for having a beer or 2 or maybe even 3 at the sports bar isn't going to cause you to have a bleed. Be a responsible drinker and don't get so...
  12. Freddie

    11 years ago it wasn't Easter

    It's been 11 yrs since my surgery. It wasn't a pleasant day for my family, in fact the less that it's talked about the better. Sure I had a few bumps during recovery but I'm so ever grateful that I found this web site listed in my hospital papers. Many thanks go out to those who had my back when...
  13. Freddie

    Lab vs Coaguchek INR

    rnff2: a lab tech told me that they allow a variance +/- of .2 when testing for INR, which is done 3x and then they take the average of the 3 results. Trust your meter.
  14. Freddie

    CouguChek troubleshooting

    Energizer batteries is what is in the monitor now.
  15. Freddie

    CouguChek troubleshooting

    Pellicle, you are absolutely correct about the battery level icon, but in my case it doesn't stay on for very long and can be easily missed. With my unit, I have experience once I've turned it on and seeing 3 bars in the battery icon then go down to 2, should still be good right? Nope. The...
  16. Freddie

    CouguChek troubleshooting

    You may have to change the batteries.
  17. Freddie

    Home testing

    FWIW Jimmy, while on the road keep in mind that the monitor and strips need to be kept at room temperature and NOT in a fridge or cooler. I too use a Coagucheck XS but if my S/O had to use it while they were working on the road I'd have no idea how they would have kept the monitor at room temp...
  18. Freddie

    mechanical or biological?

    I was 47 when I had OHS, did I have a choice in valves......maybe yes but my surgeon made the decision for me saying, "I don't think you'd want to go through this type of surgery again". I now have a mechanical for 10 yrs. Yes taking warfarin is a learning curve and like Steve said 'that's the...
  19. Freddie

    Aspirin side effects...

    I did have issues when I first started taking 81mg of aspirin, I now take it about 20min after supper and have had no issues since.
  20. Freddie

    Al Lodwick?

    Al retired about 5 ......maybe 7yrs ago. The only thing I have is his chart on how to adjust warfarin dosage.