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    Need advice...non-heart related

    Hello fellow valvers. First let me apologize as this is probably not the place to post this, but I have a great deal of respect for your opinions. My son is 15. I have had a hard time with him in the past 12 months or so with problems around honesty. I realize he is 15 and some of this is of...
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    2nd surgery possibility-ECHO results

    Here are my Echo results. I've been told that a second surgery is likely in the next 12 months. I'm no doctor and I realize no one else here is either. Just looking for an insight. What questions should I be asking? This is worse than I had anticipated. Thank you in advance, Phil...
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    Post surgery Depression

    Hello gang. I'm 8 years into my tissue valve and recently learned that I'm likely headed for a second surgery, possibly within the next 12 months. I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. I did notice a decrease in my overall temperament after my surgery and was somewhat...
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    Craving Spice Post Op?

    OK I wasn't sure were to post this, either here or Post Surgery...anyone out there crave really spicy food after surgery? I'm 4 days shy of 4 months post op. As soon as I regained my appetite I noticed that everything I ate was bland. Is it the meds? I ‘m ½ Irish and ½ Swedish, not the...
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    1st run post op

    OK, I ran for the first time in cardiac rehab yesterday, it was hell. I ran a 12-minute mile pace for about 5 minutes and was whipped. I ran out doors today with my fancy new GPS heart monitor. I ran/walked 2.18 miles in 32 min 15 sec. I found that I could only run about .25 miles before I...
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    INR is all over the map...?

    Hi folks. I'm 4 weeks post op yesterday. I opted for a tissue valve as I also have Crohn's Disease. My doc wants me on coumadin for 3 months to help the healing and reduce stress on my heart. I had a hard time getting to 2.5. I have a lab within walking distance and have been getting...
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    Day 21 Post Op Update

    Well I have to say this has been an amazing ride so far! I'm now 21 days post OHS (Aortic Valve and Root replacement). I feel guilty for feeling so good. My only complaints are my back pain and being restricted in my rehab (cannot run or join the formal cardiac rehab program). Seven more...