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    from Victors Wife

    Hello everyone. It's been a year now since my Victor left here onto a greater journey. I miss him and just wanted to stop in and say hello. Hope eveyone is well. It's all such a difficult decision to make. I can't help but wonder-would he have still been here with me had he chosen to have the...
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    HI everyone!!

    :) I am going to stick around here now, if it's all the same .....I have been redirected by my darling grandkids and my daughter...but they are back to their lives now, and I-back to mine. It's coming up on the date my Victor passed and well..... I would like very much (thanks Ross and all for...
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    help help

    I am not able to post-thos we will see if this one makes it or not LOL The thing I wanted to say is this- my hubby passed this past APRIL 13TH.He never had his heart valve replacement, always got close but then always backed out:( I havent been here in a long while, but we have had a hard time...