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    1 Year!!!

    Congrats on the 1st year. That can be a difficult time......getting used to the valve physically and mentally. It gets easier over time. PS: I like cats more walking at midnite:poop:!
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    1 Day After And Doing Ok

    Welcome to the "other side" It's amazing how fast the recovery is these days.
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    Possible Second OHS due to Aortic Valve being small from previous surgery

    No need to apologize. I don't understand a lot of what I read here. I think some of the people on this forum know more than several; doctors I have seen over the years. My only advice, at your age of 76, is try to pick a solution that will minimize future procedures.
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    Longevity after heart valve replacement

    .......and there is no reason NOT to believe what you have been told.
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    New Member Early 30s BAV, Aortic Root Dilation, Wondering about Woodworking

    Hi Dan and welcome. This will be a good forum for you. I see no problem in staying with your woodworking hobby. I have enjoyed woodworking, including building a lake house, since my surgery....and continuing up to this day.....altho my woodworking is now limited to model boat building and...
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    Well It's Time

    Here's hoping you have a quick recovery. I noticed that you have been on this forum for about three years so you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Most of us will agree that the "waiting" is one of the worst times that we had to go thru........and that will be behind you shortly.
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    How often should I get my INR checked when taking this medication?

    In the past, when I have taken a new drug that may influence INR I might test a couple times per week for a week or so to check for interaction. You should not have to do the added testing for more than a week or two before you see a trend indicating a possible interaction. Testing more than...
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    Joining the Valve replacement Family

    Hi Tanner and welcome. Like you, I had my valve replaced with a mechanical valve at a young age. Your doc told you correctly.......the valve will have very little impact on your life or lifestyle. Your most limiting factor will be the "four inches between your ears". Take reasonably good...
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    Brand-name Coumadin discontinued in US, Canada, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia

    Coumarin is a plant based drug that was patented under the brand name Coumadin by Dupont Chemical Corp in the 1950s. Dupont kept medical providers "scared to death" of prescribing the generic Warfarin until all patent protection expired and then Dupont sold the Coumadin brand to...
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    52 years on ONE valve

    My top 10: 1, Take the pill as prescribed. Buy a seven-day pillbox!! 2. Test routinely and at least monthly. I test weekly. 3. Don't make knee-jerk changes to warfarin dosage. Small changes usually are best 4. Don't measure vit K consumption. Eat greens consistently but don't "pig out". 5...
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    On-X trial for warfarin alternative treatment

    I only started taking 81mg aspirin a couple of years ago per my cardios instructions.......that means I took only warfarin or coumadin for about 50 years with no negative effect. My cardio explained to me that the aspirin was not for anti-coagulation, but did help in making the blood cells a...
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    Brand-name Coumadin discontinued in US, Canada, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia

    I have been on the generic Warfarin since switching from Coumadin 30 years ago. There are a few pharmas that produce Warfarin. I have used the "Taro pharma" brand Warfarin for many years with no problems. Taro provides pills in the same strengths as Coumadin by Bristol-Myers.
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    52 years on ONE valve

    Nope.....does that answer your question?;)
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    7 years 🙂👍🏻

    10 hours "on the table" is a long time. Here's hoping that was a "one and done" for you.
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    52 years on ONE valve

    I've had my first valve 52+ years........and my first wife 63+ years. Not sure which one has given me more trouble:rolleyes::unsure::whistle:. Spoken like a man who knows his wife will not see this post:censored:.
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    52 years on ONE valve

    I'd like to be here in August as well......🙏
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    Deteriorating Valve?

    Like Pellicle says I'd find out what "moderate leakage" means to that doc. I have been told for years that my valve has had "mild" to "moderate" leakage around the valve.......and that some leakage is to be expected. I am not a physician and I certainly do not know your situation......but I...
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    28 years with mitral valves and arotic valves

    Great to hear. Here's hoping you get a lifetime out of those valves. They tell me that mechanical valves can last forever........and I agree.
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    Warfarin causes dementia?

    My first question is what is meant by "too high or too low" and what is meant by "long term use". I think that if you allow your INR to be too high or too low for an extended period of time you will have problems a helluva lot worse than dementia I have been on warfarin (over 52 years) since I...