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    Pounding heart

    Hi everyone, I had my BAV replaced with a bovine valve 6 1/2 yrs ago. About six months ago I was told after a TEE that two of the leaflets had fused together. I feel fine, no dizziness or shortness of breath. My gradient level was 18, it had gone up by 10 from the previous year. My only...
  2. K

    electrophysiology test?

    My cardiologist is recommending that I have a EP test and a MRI due to an event of tachycardia that they couldnt tell from what chamber of my heart it generated from. I am not a happy camper to say the least. I was wondering if anyone can give me some words of encouragement in regards to this...
  3. K

    Hereditary BAV??

    Ever since my diagnosis, I have been worried about whether or not any of my three children have inhereited this condition? They are all adults and know that they need to at their next PE request an echo. My question to members of this forum is, how many of you with BAV have found that your...
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    "sleep study a disaster"

    Heard back from my cardio that my sleep study was a disaster. Now I have to go for the sleep over night monitering and get fitted for a device to wear at night. He also had me get fitted for a 30 day heart moniter cuz he said that sleep apnea can cause AFIB and strokes. I am grateful for his...
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    just wondering if this is normal

    Lately, I've on occasion have felt a strong pulse like beat in my chest, it varies sometimes its right at the bottem of sternum and other times it strong point is further up. I know its my heartbeat, due to rhythm if i get up and walk around its not noticable or Im distracted. Its normal beat...
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    careful what you complain about

    Went to see my new cardiologist today, first time I met him. He asked all the usual questions and asked me if i had any complaints being three weeks post op. I told him that I couldnt sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time during the night. I said that I have never been a good sleeper but...
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    healing of the chest tube opening

    Went to see a infectious disease doctor today cuz prior to my discharge they decided that I had developed some phlebitis in my arms due to iv's gone bad. They put me on an antibiotic and it really didnt seem to nip it completely plus my chest tube incision stitches were taken out yesterday and...
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    I cant sleep!

    Its my third night home and I cant sleep. I cannot find a comfortable position, either in my bed or in my recliner. Did anyone else have this problem and what solutions if any did you find?
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    Finally on the other side!

    Surgery on the Jan 7th went very well, a couple of hiccups but for the most part it was successful. The first two days of post op were horrible, in lots of pain. The third day was like a light switch went on and things got better from there. I hesistated to be honest about the first two days...
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    activity during recovery

    My surgery is six days out and as I try to wrap my brain around it all I am trying to stay focused on my recovery. Just wondered about some of the posts that when describing their recovery at 3+ weeks, Im curious to know what it is that you can do at that point. I know of everything they say...
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    AVR scheduled for Jan. 7th

    I found out I had a BAV a few months ago and basically havent stopped crying since. I am a 54 yr old worman. I found this site and it has calmed me down some. I cant believe how this diagnosis has turned my normally boring world, lol upside down. Suddenly to family and friends its what defines...