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  1. FredW

    Staying the Course 8/28/18

    First to write something? I don't want to viewed as replacing SB, for he is unique in his own right. However, I did want to share this one minor observation regarding weight loss. Don't get comfortable. For a fair amount of time, I have had a goal of loosing 10 pounds. An reachable goal...
  2. FredW

    Pills, pills, and pills

    All my life, i never liked taking pills or having my body invaded with surgery or instruments. Then I faced either OHS or dying. Then my docs prescribed this medicine for my heart, eye drops so I wouldn't go blind, that pill for my blood pressure, sometime to get my cholesterol in ckeck, and so...
  3. FredW

    What changed??

    Hank, when did you put up the default.html page to promote David's cycle across America? The site errors have to do with some jquery files not being found. This may be due to some directory issue. When technology goes south all suddenly, one should ask, what just changed. If the problems started...
  4. FredW

    Many errors

    At first I thought it was my smart phone, but after going to my desktop browsers, I think this sight has many issues. Buttons don't work - they do nothing, the Dismiss button and the page buttons. Others hand my browser - Login. It is a shame for I think this site has a lot to offer, but with...
  5. FredW

    July 22 - One year anniversary

    One year ago today around this time (6:00 pm) I was being wheeled out of surgery with a new aortic valve. Think I will drink to that.
  6. FredW

    6 week milestone

    Six weeks post op. I feel great and stronger than before surgery. Today, after cardio rehab, I used my chainsaw to cut down a dead tree. My tissue valve which is a combination of pig and cow is working fine! You gotta give modern medicine credit.
  7. FredW

    A few questions post surgery

    My surgery was July 22 and I guess I'm recovering well since. I can sleep in my own bed now, walk about 2 miles daily, am weaning myself off Tylenol, the only pain meds I have been taking for over two weeks. I do have some questions that I wonder if others have input on: 1. Up until today, I...
  8. FredW

    Post OP sto

    This post may be just me venting so be advised, it is somewhat rambling. I'm 10 days post-op. They sent me home with a list of drugs to take, and a list of stuff you took that you should not take. They send papers on what to do when you get home. Then there are papers on this and that and...
  9. FredW

    Where is the user guide

    I love the sharing and content on this forum, but il frustrated with the lack of any source on how to use it. I inferred that if I give some money, I may get features that a free member doesn't have. Where is this documented? I have the following questions: How do I get my profile to show a...
  10. FredW

    Post op - day 4

    I'm waiting to go home. "Protocol" says I can't leave until three hours after they pull the PM wires. (An experience I'll write about later) I have pictures, but need to figure out how to post them on this forum Here is a funny I encountered today: the subject is "Things you don't want to hear"...
  11. FredW

    Post op day 3 or 4

    First, I need some coaching on how post op days are counted. I had surgery on Friday, late afternoon . It is now Monday late afternoon. So am I 3 or 4 days post op? In any case, all my chest tubes are out, the PM wires will get pulled when they get around to it. I'm up walking often, doing 600...
  12. FredW

    Remarkable progress

    I came out of surgery around 5pm Friday. I was out of it and my biggest concern was to manage the pain. I had three chest tubes, a catheter, three IVs in me. Typing in this forum on an iPad is hard enough for me before OHS so I asked my daughter to give you updates. ICU died a great job of...
  13. FredW


    Quick update. I may go into surgery today. More later.
  14. FredW

    Syncope/Presyncope advice

    OK fellow aortic stenosis folks, I would like some feedback. For those of you who are, or were, symptomatic with your stenosis, can you help me identify if my episode today was serious enough to call my cardiologist about? Here is what happened: For the past few months I have been what I call...
  15. FredW


    Has anybody heard from Harriet? Wonder how she is doing.
  16. FredW


    Has anybody heard from Harriet? Wonder how she is doing.
  17. FredW

    Struggling with limits

    I find the group here kind and supportive so I ask for their feedback on something that I’m struggling with. I’m a 72 year old male with aortic stenosis and a possible bicuspid aortic valve. I have been in monitor mode for almost three years. The last four echo tests have shown my stenosis...
  18. FredW

    Diagnosing a BAV

    This post is directed to those who have been diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve. My research on BAV tells me one can be diagnosed early in life or late in life, after stenosis sets in. I also understand some can live their whole life and never know it. It appears it is confirmed or picked...
  19. FredW

    What to do with inconsistent data

    Hi folks, It seams like the more I learn, the more I wonder. I wonder if any of you have had experiences with test results being inconsistent and how you deal with it. I just had a catheterization test done because my last echo tests indicated I was approaching the serious stage of aortic...
  20. FredW

    Questions regarding AVR

    Hi Folks, Been reading and monitoring posts on this site for the past month and find it very helpful. I'm a 72 year old male and have been monitoring my Aortic Stenosis for the past two years. Just recently, it has progressed where surgery may be coming. Due to symptoms and my valve area...