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    1 Year!!!

    Excellent, here's to life - raise a glass, or whatever it is you like to do to celebrate!
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    Staying the Course -- July 7, 2020

    We had a good Fourth here, watched a lot of Hamilton, got outside a bunch, I found a nice clean isolated stream to cool off in. I'm desperate for a crystal clear, deep cool lake swim. I'm sure I can find a place, it's Minnesota. Just gotta investigate a bit to find a spot that is isolated.
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    Staying the Course -- June 23, 2020

    Not a big cooking show or cooking fan - that's actually my dream, to have one of those husbands that cook all the meals as a couple of my friends do. Unfortunately I love the one I already have. I've been thinking quite a bit about keeping up my spirits and "what to look forward to" as many...
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    Question Mitral Valve

    Is she on any beta blockers? I was after my mitral repair and it made me feel half dead (my blood pressure is normally 100/60 regardless). Once they took me off those, I felt a lot more energetic. I did also get immediate relief from the surgery, but then, stopping coughing up blood is a big...
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    Staying the Course -- June 9, 2020

    Good to hear from everyone. I'm staying the course here. Paleowoman, I'm sorry your son is having that anger and delusion, my son is decompensating somewhat also with all the chaos from COVID and then the grief and anger over the George Floyd death which occurred here in Minneapolis. It didn't...
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    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    Wow awesome, I hope this is an option for you. My original cardiologist here in Minneapolis, Wes Pedersen, actually was the principal investigator on the team that did the first Tendyne mitral replacement in the US, back in 2015 (yep he's a badass with over 100 publications, now retired to full...
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    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    And vitdoc is right, Mitral Valve replacement Via “TAVR” type route thru the vein is VERY new, pretty much experimental. The mitral valve has a more more complex structure than the aortic. The guy who wants to rip out 2 valves and put in porcine so you can have 2 tavrs later sounds like a guy...
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    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    I had a different kind of mitral repair (valvuloplasty for stenosis) at age 35. I was in congestive heart failure, literally coughing up blood before it. Super easy to tolerate (it’s a balloon through the vein) and worked, I do have some regurgitation as a result of the procedure but I can do...
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    Staying the Course -- June 1, 2020

    I live in the Minneapolis area so it’s been interesting. But I’m down in Chicago dealing with stressful eldercare issues. Hubs and kids up in Minneapolis. Then the normal Covid Stuff. Augh!! At least things seem to be calming down and our community is very strong with lots of volunteerism and...
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    MItral Valve Repair

    I agree that she should be feeling better. In my case after mitral valve repair (which was not open heart so very easy on my body to recover from the procedure itself) I felt better close to immediately. The beta blocker made me feel half dead, once they stopped that after a couple weeks (my...
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    Are we high risk?

    This article explains the concept of infectious dose well. The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them
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    I have the coronavirus.

    The comments for the article are helpful too.
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    I have the coronavirus.

    This article has been going around and all my scientist and physician friends (I'm neither) have liked and shared it. It does a good job of explaining infectious load as a concept. The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them
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    I have the coronavirus.

    My favorite analogy is that coronavirus transmission is like drunk driving - and the ones who get killed aren't necessarily the ones who took the initial risk. Except that other drivers you pass also become drunk.
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    Staying the Course -- April 28, 2020

    And congrats on your weight loss superbob! That’s really impressive and I’m proud of ya!
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    Staying the Course -- April 28, 2020

    My husband has a layered scissors cut and is starting to look like Andrew Jackson. I’ve attached a photo of the US $20 bill for reference for overseas friends. Demands for me to address the situation are growing. I sense disaster looming.
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    Are we high risk?

    I received this info from my sister who is a physician and it has a better explanation of how the COVID 19 virus works in the body and what the concerns are, she sent it to family. If it's useful to you, great, if not please ignore. I wanted to repeat/expand on my post of what we know (that...
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    Staying the Course -- April 21, 2020

    My hubs is starting to have Andrew Jackson fair as on the $20 bill.
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    Staying the Course -- April 6, 2020

    Getting to the point where people in my circle are recovering, getting off ventilators after 9-10 days which is very uplifting. Just underlines the point of the social distancing. If the health system isn't overwhelmed, we have the wonderful ability to save many people if not all. I worry about...
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    COVID-19 - How are you spending your time?

    I’m working to discover my natural rhythm of life and pondering which of the things I’ve dropped should stay dropped