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    Guinness world record

    The fella in the picture insert was Bob Baker. He was a member of this forum for several years and his "screen name" was RCB. He still shows up on the Member Directory but all of his posts (1100+) have been deleted? Bob was the first child (age 10) and the tenth person to receive an...
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    Guinness world record

    My surgery was in the time before computers and "document files". All that remaines of my file at the hospital is a few documents that they had on "microfilm". The hospital did have the "operating room record" which was helpful a few years ago when I tried, and finally succeeded, in getting an...
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    Volunteer Roll Call

    You're right....volunteering is a very satisfying way to "give back". I did that for +/-3 years thru a national heart surgery group called Mended Hearts. The pre-surgery patients were relieved to talk with someone who had "been there, done that"😟 and the post-surgery patients were encouraged...
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    Younger aortic valve replacement patient experience

    Hi SethPen. Welcome to the site and I agree with your rationale. The fewer times you have OHS surgery, the better.
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    May have forgotten warfarin for two days

    ;) A pill box is the smartest....and simplest thing we can do to solve one of the biggest problems with warfarin..."did I take my pill today???"....:unsure:
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    Carbomedics valve, anyone?

    Yep. 51 years......52 in August.
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    I used to get my drugs from walmart. They are notorious for buying on "price" from their suppliers and I found it difficult to get the same brand of warfarin on an ongoing basis. I now use Walgreens with instructions to only use Taro warfarin when filling my Rx. I remember being forced into...
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    My range is also 2.5-3.5 on 5mg warfarin for the last several years. I started 81mg aspirin daily a couple years ago with no effect on INR. I was on Coumadin while it was still patent protected and for several years after it was off patent because doctors were scared to prescribe the generic...
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    I am on 5mg warfarin and 80mg "baby aspirin" daily. I have been on warfarin 52+ years and started the 80mg aspirin about 4 years ago. I have noticed no change in my INR (2.5-3.5), bruising or bleeding tendency since the aspirin was added. My cardio told me the aspirin helped in making blood...
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    I ate grapefruit long before it was put on the "no-no" list and still do a few times each month. I've never seen a change in my INR that I could attribute to grapefruit. That said, I have heard that drinking a large quantity of grapefruit JUICE will affect AC. I seldom, if ever, drink more...
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    Long term blood draws

    That is the silliest statement I have ever heard. High INR becomes less accurate when you get very high values......but much higher than 2.5. Many hospitals and surgeons discharge their patients from the hospital with a personal meter. I have home tested for 15+/- years with my range 2.5-3.5...
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    Anti Inflammatory Options While On Warfarin?

    I've only taken generic Tylenol. Fortunately, I've never had to deal with severe pain......but I do take a couple "Tylenol" for back pain daily for the aches and pains of old age:(. When my back pain gets real bad I go to a physical therapist.
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    Many years ago my docs had me on Coumadin and regular asparin (325mg). That was in the early 1970s and another cardio soon took me off the asparin. A couple years ago my current cardio put me back on "baby asparin"(80mg) along with warfarin for the reason you stated in your post above. Now...
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    Censored words from old site....?????

    Sid??? I've heard about STD.......what is SID?? Probably a cuss work from a younger generation
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    Censored words from old site....?????

    I always thought there was something straaaaange about you Aussies:devilish:
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    Censored words from old site....?????

    Again, you're a trouble maker:LOL::censored:......:poop:. My handy-dandy Webster defines "snot" as only "mildy vulgar" so it does not count as a "cuss word"
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    Writing a idea where to post this!

    By golly......ya got it.
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    Anybody using Coag Sense for INR testing?

    Another way for a quick and cheap accuracy test of your meter is to "stick" your spouse or a good friend (you'll find out who your real friends are:unsure:).......assuming he/she is not on AC you should get a reading close to 1.0 (normal INR). I do this once, or twice, per year with my wife...
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    Writing a idea where to post this!

    I don't want to hijack this thread but that is a reference to trying to solve too many of life's problems in one "forkful".
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    Writing a idea where to post this!

    Hi Suzie. There was a guy, Adam Pick, who may have used info from this forum in his book "A patients guide to heart surgery" back around 2007. He left the forum about the time that I joined and I understand he did use some info he had learned here in that book. I've never read his book but it...