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    When did you start to feel good again?

    My last surgery had complications and the recovery was long and tenuous. I'm hoping for a better outcome this time. When did you begin to feel like your old self again? I don't mean just the incision healing and that sort of more immediate stuff. When did you feel like you could get up and...
  2. K

    Surgery date set

    I have a date, this Friday. My bovine mitral valve is not quite going to see its tenth birthday which is in September of this year. So nine-plus years in, I'm getting a nice new mechanical valve. You will see me here on this board often as I learn to manage the Coumadin and testing and all...
  3. K

    Mitral stenosis in a tissue replacement valve

    I just had an angiogram and am now more confused that ever. Maybe someone can direct me to a source to research this. I have a bovine mitral valve, replacing my own valve in 2008. When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, it was mitral valve regurgitation with an EF of 30. Now I have been told I...
  4. K

    Reoperation on mitral replacement valve

    My bovine valve is 10 years old and needs to be replaced. I'm wondering about a second surgery and how it might differ from the first one.
  5. K

    EF up 9 points!

    The official reading of my one-year post-op echo is in, and my EF went up to 45 from a dismal 36. I am so happy! (This is a result of my tissue mitral valve replacement.) The worst experience of my life (8 days in the CICU) has finally paid some dividends. Those of you who are on the other...
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    One year anniversary

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been around much lately, but I thought I'd drop in to say I've made it a year now! My little bovine mitral valve (I call her "Bossy") is working like a champ. My EF has even gone up a little bit. I would say that my surgery and 8 days in CICU was about the worst...
  7. K

    Surgery scheduled for Sept. 19

    I have come from the surgeon (liked him!) who is doing my mitral valve on this Friday. He says repair is a good possibility, but I told him I want to go biologic valve on plan B. He uses bovine-based valve, so I could get a little cow in my heart! You guys have been so helpful in helping me...