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  1. ponygirlmom

    Where can I find heart surgery costs?

    I don't know if anyone here will remember me, but I had valve replacement surgery in 2008. My daughter is writing a paper, and is trying to find the average cost for a coronary artery bypass graft. We've both been combing the Internet, but the only pricing we've found isn't from credible...
  2. ponygirlmom

    Why isn't my avatar showing?

    I haven't participated in this forum for a while. My settings show my old avatar, but my profile and posts do not. Why is that?
  3. ponygirlmom

    Visiting the forum after a long absence

    Hi, everyone! I haven't been on the forum for a while. It certainly has changed! I have to admit, it makes me a little dizzy to look at it. Anyone know why there was such a drastic change with such bright, contrasting colors? I'm posting a question elsewhere, but I hope everyone has been well.
  4. ponygirlmom

    Crockpot Pork Question

    I have a 5-pound pork shoulder in the crockpot. I put it in on "low" at 8am. Will it be shredded apart by 7pm, or should I cook it for a while on high?
  5. ponygirlmom

    "Red Trout"

    One of our local stores has started to sell wild-caught "red trout." It's called "red" because its scales are a beautiful red-orange. It's a very flavorful fish so you don't need much seasoning. Here is a low-salt recipe for it: Grease a glass baking dish with olive oil. Please fillets...
  6. ponygirlmom

    Spice Hunter "Chef's Shake"

    I know a lot of people here are on low-salt diets. Generally I dislike the "seasoning blends" I have encountered. Here is one I think is really good. It's salt-free Chef's Shake by The Spice Hunter. It contains onion, black pepper, garlic, carrots, orange peel, tomato, celery seeds, red pepper...
  7. ponygirlmom

    Recommending a book

    I just read Speed Shrinking by Susan Shaprio and I thought I would recommend it here. I think it's the sort of thing many people would enjoy reading in the weeks following surgery. Here's the link to Amazon: Also, if your local Barnes & Noble doesn't have it, they...
  8. ponygirlmom

    Blender Question

    I need a blender that DOESN'T LEAK! Also, the fewer fiddly parts I have to take apart and reassemble, the better. I think that's why I have such a leaking problem. Anyone have a suggestion for a simple, sturdy, non-leaky blender?
  9. ponygirlmom

    Did you see Robin Williams on Jay last night?

    If you missed Robin Williams on Jay's new show last night, you can see it again at He was joking about his surgery and bovine valve as well as talking about his new movie and his daughter, who is an actress.
  10. ponygirlmom

    Husband has unusual headache

    My husband has had a type fo head pain for over 24 hours that I have never experienced, although I am the one with migraine disorder. On the back of his head, to the right, above the atlas, he is getting episodes of sharp pain that last for up to a minute. After that the area either throbs or...
  11. ponygirlmom

    Need opinions of people who DON'T use social networking services

    I love getting the opinions of members of You are all smart and thoughtful, and I always need opinions from people my age (46) and older. The following questions are for people who do NOT use social networking services, or who only use one of the three major services. The...
  12. ponygirlmom

    Preventing delirium in older hospital patients

    I don't know which forum is most appropriate for this post, so I picked this one. Yesterday I heard a segment of NPR's Morning Edition about preventing delirium in older hospital patients. This is important not just in the short term but for the long-term health of the patient, because people...
  13. ponygirlmom

    Testing a column title on you all

    Hey, everyone! I am applying for a job as an online columnist for a newspaper, and I have to propose a column title. I thought I had a great one, but my husband forsees a problem. I won't tell you what the problem is; I want to know what you think when you see it. The title is: Adaptive...
  14. ponygirlmom

    College Meal Plan Survey

    This is to settle an argument between me and my husband. If you attended/are attending college between 1980 and now, or you know someone (parent, child, spouse, friend) who attended/is attending college between 1980 and now, please tell me this: Did your college offer meals seven days a week...
  15. ponygirlmom

    It's my valversary!

    Exactly one year ago today I got a new aortic moo-cow valve, which I accessorized with a new section of ascending aorta. In fact, about this time last year we were heading to the hospital. Today we have the house full of workmen. It was more relaxing at our house last year!
  16. ponygirlmom

    Need decor advice

    I am suddenly faced with the ability to repaint my home office. We have to tear into a wall to repair some plumbing. That wall will have to be repainted, so we decided to repair and paint all the walls. Right now the walls are pink (not my color choice!) with white built-in bookshelves and...
  17. ponygirlmom

    Ascending Aortia size question

    I posted this earlier today with a really stupid title. No wonder no one responded! Here is the question again: I have in front of me my echo report from yesterday, and also the report from my last echo in January. Both tests show no evidence of constriction or effusion, so that's the good...
  18. ponygirlmom

    Ascending Aorta "value" question

    I have in front of me my echo report from yesterday, and also the report from my last echo in January. Both tests show no evidence of constriction or effusion, so that's the good news. In January my ascending aorta diameter had a "value" of 27. Now my ascending aorta diameter "value" is 29...
  19. ponygirlmom

    Robert leaves Hell's Kitchen with pericarditis!

    Does anyone watch Hell's Kitchen? In tonight's episode, Robert, a young man who is frankly obese, had chest pains and went to the hospital. They kept him for two days. He came back to the show to say that he couldn't stay in the competition; he said that he had pericarditis. It's such a shame...
  20. ponygirlmom

    Has anyone e-filed before?

    Has anybody e-filed before? Did you really get your confirmation e-mail? Did you get your refund quicker? Do you feel that their direct-deposit refund system is secure?