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    Covid Vaccine and INR

    Thank you for your replies everyone.
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    Covid Vaccine and INR

    I'm scheduled to get my 1st Covid vaccine (Pfizer) shot tomorrow. I'm curious if I should expect any changes with my INR? I noticed that Sheenas7 posted that she didn't see a difference after her first Pfizer shot in February. Anyone else?
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    Need INR at 1.8. Reducing Warfarin question..

    Thank you again for the information. Pellicle-I found your INR Management blog very informative.
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    Need INR at 1.8. Reducing Warfarin question..

    Thank you very much. I feel much better about it now!
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    Need INR at 1.8. Reducing Warfarin question..

    On Monday morning, I'm scheduled for a heart cath to determine if I have a coronary artery blockage. I have a St Jude's valve and religiously monitor my INR. My doctor wants me to stop taking Warfarin 3 days prior to the procedure, so my INR is 1.8 early Monday morning for the procedure. My...
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    Reducing Coumadin prior to drinking alcohol?

    Thanks everyone. Your comments make total sense. I'll keep my dose consistent and see how the alcohol affects my INR (if at all).
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    Reducing Coumadin prior to drinking alcohol?

    I haven't drank alcohol since my surgery last June. However I'll probably have 2-3 beers at an event this weekend. I'm pretty fanatical about my INR and test at home weekly. My recommended range is 2.0-3.0. I like to stay in the 2.4-2.8 area. Last week, I was 3.2 (the highest I've ever...
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    Alcohol & INR - Just for Fun

    Very informative! A few questions: What do the numbers before the word "standard" signify? 2.4, 4..2, 5.2? What is your weight? In what time period did you consume the drinks? Approximately 30 minutes per drink, etc? Did you ever feel drunk?
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    Today is my anniversary!

    Hi Mainframe. Can you define "quite a bit out of range"? Also, do you know what caused you to be out of range?
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    4 years

    Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
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    What were the signs that lead you to OHS?

    I had no symptoms either. The Dr heard a murmur on my annual physical in 2006 and sent me to a cardiologist. He found that I had a bicuspid valve with my leakage. I started going to the cardiologist on an annual basis. In 2013, he discovered that I had an ascending aortic aneurysm that...
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    Celox clotting agent

    I just ordered mine off Amazon. Thanks for the info!
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    25 Years today

    So inspiring. Today is my 14th week anniversary on my St Jude's. Thanks for sharing.
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    Petechiae and Warfarin

    Oops. I forgot to mention that my INR has been between 2.1 and 2.6. Some have found that they get Petechiae when their INR gets high. That isn't the case with me. You're correct Dornole. I've searched the topic on this forum and the info is sparse.
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    Petechiae and Warfarin

    Yes, I've been seen by my cardiologist and dermatologist. Both don't seem terribly concerned and it appears to be fairly rare. My cardiologist has checked my platelet count, which is normal. He said to call if it gets worse. I'm hoping that another user can share their experience with...