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    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    I forgot to mention one other issue with multiple surgeries. The AV node which passes the electrical signal from the upper heart to the ventricles often can be damaged with multiple surgeries. You can develop a 3 rd degree AV block which would require a pacemaker to bypass. Not theoretical...
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    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    I don’t know why the clip is not being seriously considered. First you need to be evaluated to determine if you have the right anatomy for the clip to work. I think you should see someone who has done 250-500 clip procedures . As I mentioned there are people that have clips put in 10 years ago...
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    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    Interesting story. You did not go into much detail about the mitral valve problem but it sounds like your problem is probably mitral insufficiency or a leaky mitral valve. I was faced with a very similar problem 4 years ago. I had a bicuspid aortic valve replaced 1977 and again in 1983 until...
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    On-X trial for warfarin alternative treatment

    It will be interesting to see how they sell this to get people in the trial. It probably would be that life would be easier without INR testing. That might bias the type of patient to those that have issues with their INR. The study aims for a 2-3 INR with monthly testing plus low dose ASA...
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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    The human brain wants us to be part of a tribe. This is built in for survival purposes. Here we have the mechanical valve tribe and the biological tribe. So we have to realize this and try to think in non tribal terms. I had a pig aortic valve in 1977 at age 29. It lasted 5.5 years. By 1983...
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    Longevity after heart valve replacement

    One of the driving forces behind Medicare HMOs is that they frequently pay 100% of the cost other than a nominal copay. Standard Medicare allows for more flexibility in choosing what physicians or hospitals one has access to but pays 80% of the fees charged which are set by Medicare. Physicians...
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    Longevity after heart valve replacement

    Not sure where those stats came from but they seem very inaccurate. One needs to look at the baseline group these are based on. Usually numbers like a 1% or less thrombo embolism rate per year is mentioned with mechanical valves. So a 5 yr survival rate of 57% seems way way off. Also Tykosyn...
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    Study on blood thinner and Coronavirus

    Anticoagulation Guidance Emerging for Severe COVID-19 I put this on a different thread
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    Anyone else been told they are at higher risk if they get Covid-19 being on warfarin?

    Interestingly the early info on COVID-19 suggested a hemorrhagic component in severe disease. But more recent work suggests that there may be more problems with over exuberant clotting. So now some severe cases are being anti coagulated prophylactically. Anticoagulation Guidance Emerging for...
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    Warfarin - shortage?

    There currently is no shortage in Southern Ca. where I live of generic which I have used for years. The problem may be some hoarding although the supply chain could be interrupted since I don't know where the drug is made. It could be either India or China. Since it is rather important to...
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    Mechnical AV and Corona Virus Risks- March 2020

    There can be a hemorrhagic component to the disease. One local case here of a 34y male who died started with coughing up blood. I suspect that in the severe cases anticoagulation would be discontinued until things improved. Hence possible issues with mechanical valves. There has been some...
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    Home monitoring for coumadin. I have a mechanical heart valve

    Roche Coaguchek does have a calibration but it is done by Roche. Each set of strips come with a chip from the company. If you use strips from a different batch they will not work with a chip from another batch. So there is nothing the user has to do. The blood only touches the strip and...
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    Cardiac catheterization

    Protimenow, I am not sure what makes you so bitter but your unnecessary attacks on your doctor should be dispensed with. You should have had a discussion about the motivation for the arteriogram rather than impune your physician’s motives. Your little asides add nothing to the conversation...
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    How much Warfarin Amount do you take?

    Try to simplify things. A constant daily dose is the simplest approach. Unless the INR is way out of range small changes in the dose should be made. Try not to markedly alter your diet. From say no salad to large kale filled salad every day. Get a home testing device and your life will be much...
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    2 weeks post op

    One of the primary reasons for fatigue after cardiac surgery is not necessary cardiac issues but significant anemia. Most people loose significant blood with open heart surgery. It can take at least a month for the blood count to normalize. Blood may be replaced during surgery but people are...