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    10 YEARS Today

    Congratulations, Cooker. I celebrated my eighth valversary this month (Feb. 11) and want to thank you for all the help you provided me both before and after surgery. I fondly remember your comment about "good, better, best" in the road to recovery. Have a wonderful day!
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    Number 9 Came and Went.....

    Congratulations, Cooker. You've been such an inspiration over the years. I didn't realize it, but our surgeries were just two years apart. Hope you celebrate this milestone. Best wishes, Va.R.
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    First anniversary for Aortic valve #2

    Debby: Our seventh valversaries were very close to each other. Can you remind me of why you had another replacement? I too am an older member. I had my surgery when I was 65 years old! Congratulations to you on your second! Best wishes, Va.66
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    seventh valversary!

    Dear fellow valvers: Today marks my seventh valversary! So, I'd like to again thank the members on this wonderful board who have given advice and support.. I now just have annual visits with my cardiologist for blood work and EKG. I no longer have annual echocardiograms. My last...
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    Are Carotid Stenosis and Aortic Stenosis related?

    Hi Marguerite: I just wanted to say how good it was to see a recent post from you. We've missed your presence here. I was so very sorry to learn of your recent hospitalization with the permanent loss of vision in one eye. I see that you are coping well? Please post more so that we can...
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    5 years later, it's an ordinary day!

    Congratulations on your fifth valversary! I envy you that you were able to relocate in sunny Florida. Our valversaries are quite close to one another. Sorry to learn that you've had some other health issues, however. Wishing you the best!
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    8 Years Ticking

    Congratulations, Cooker! Your posts have been an inspiration to me over the years. I hope you'll be around for a long time to continue posting and, of course, living a healthy life free of any new heart problems! Thanks again, Cooker.
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    surgical anniversaries

    Dear fellow valvers: Today I can add another candle to that heart-shaped cake! This is my sixth valversary! Best wishes to all! Va.66 AVR with an Edwards bovine pericardial – Dr. Paul Corso, surgeon, Washington Hospital Center – Feb. 11, 2008
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    4 months post-op today and a few random thoughts

    Hi gerrychuck: Having just celebrated my fifth rebirth on February 11, I can relate to what a lot of what you have so eloquently posted. However, in addition to all that you said, I experienced a spiritual awakening. Perhaps my hardened heart needed more than a surgeon's hand could...
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    surgical anniversaries

    Dear fellow valvers: Today marks my fifth valversary! My surgery was just a few days before Valentine’s Day so all of those heart-shaped delicacies have special meaning for me! When I asked my cardiologist at my last visit if I still needed regular echos, he replied that I can wait...
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    fourth year valversary

    Hello fellow valvers: It's been four years now since I had my severely calcified aortic valve replaced at Washington Hospital Center! I want to thank all of you for being a source of support, information and community over these last years. I couldn't have done it without you...
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    Favorite quote(s)

    I like this passage from Psalms - "Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me." - Psalm 51 va.66
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    Diastolic Dysfunction - Can it be treated or cured? What are your experiences?

    Hi Ron: I don't know if this is a duplicate or not. If so, please disregard. I was diagnosed with diastolic dysfunction five months after my OHS to replace my bicuspid aortic valve in February of 2008. At first, I was quite concerned. However, my current cardiologist is not that...
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    I've been ill

    Hi Marie: So glad to learn of your recent progress. Let us know some further news as it progresses. I see that we had our surgery in the same year. I had my AVR on February 11, 2008 at Washington Hospital Center. Sending prayers your way! Va.66
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    Today 2/20/11 is Harmony's second valversary

    Congratulations on your second valversary - hope you have many more!