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    Has anyone gone to Cleveland Clinic alone?

    I had ohs in Texas--it didn't work out for me! Wish I would have gone to Cleveland Clinic --easy mitral valve repair turned into a big deal with more complications than I care to think about! Needless to say I'm heading to where the specialist are for my next surgery. YES I have to have a...
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    Mitral valve repair, struggle to become active again

    Runner, I feel your pain--I did not have much luck with the repair surgery either. I was also fairly young and in good shape,-to say the least I felt like I had been hit by a truck, run over by a bus and drug down a VERY bumpy road. It took about 10 months for me to feel "better". I hope its...
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    Surgery - What Day of the Week is Best?

    I would choose early in the week--Mine was Thursday suppose to be at 11 am got pushed back to 4pm-needless to say my valve is still leaking. I'll choose early in the week and first thing in the morning next time :)! Yes I have to have a next time.
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    Robotic MVR on 11/22

    I had my repair via OHS--I think that is why I am so upset. Not only did I have a repair fail but my recovery was loaded with complications! I am that 1%-I am sure you will all be fine.
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    Robotic MVR on 11/22

    I had mitral valve repair in 2012 and was recently told I now have moderate to moderately severe regurgitation. Needless to say I am not happy :(. Has anyone else had this experience? Feeling unlucky
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    Afib and Valve problems

    I was placed on a blood thinner Eliquis to keep clots from forming because of AFIB.. Anyone else on this medication?
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    few ?'s

    Hey Gribur--I too have some trouble breathing when I bend over. My cardiologist doesn't know what that could be--maybe caused from the diaphragm--he assures me that too shall improve. Every day gets a little better.
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    Sleep post surgery

    I couldn't imagine sleeping in a recliner either--I could never sleep in one before surgery. After surgery that was the only way I could sleep for 4 weeks. I was on oxygen when I came home and if I tried to lay in bed I couldn't breath! Hopefully, that wouldn't be the case for you. It sure...
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    Still having lots of pain and depression 6 weeks post-op....any ideas?

    OMG-I feel the same as robertlw--it has been almost 8 months since my surgery! I really thought I would snap back rather quickly--I was in excellent physical shape before surgery and was asymptomatic. I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck, 8 weeks later thrown under a bus, then dragged...
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    supposed to be last visit to surgeon

    I too had pericardial effusion at 10 weeks post ohs had pericardial window drained 1300 cc. Thought I was through with it still have the effusion 7 months post op. The pericardial window is not as painful as ohs --do not be afraid you will feel better. Still waiting on a normal echo--someday...